Video shows alleged shooter leave home before police chase

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Video shows workers hiding behind a home after a round of gunshots rattled a typically quiet gated community off 122nd between Council and County Line Road.

In the video, you see a black car parked in the street. The same car that just moments later a string of police cars would be following. A man dressed in all black then walks to the car. It appears he's holding something in his hand.

The workers whisper to each other in hushed voices, terrified of what the man might do next, along with what he may have just finished doing.

“We were all confused, we were watching the television and there was highlights on what was going on,” said HOA President Ralph Crawford.

Roads were blocked off for hours and detectives questioned potential witnesses. The Crime Scene Unit was also parked outside.

It was a shocking sight for Crawford.

“We had police cars coming through the neighborhood, they stopped just down there to investigate," he said.

Crawford says the chaos unfolded only a few homes away, happening just as school was letting out.

“It's alarming to the parents because we have a lot of young children here. It is disconcerting to them because they want to make sure their kids are okay," he told News 4.

As for the people inside the home, police confirmed few details, saying only that somebody inside is dead and that they are a family member of the man accused of killing them.

“I don’t know them personally, they stayed to themselves. She would walk the neighborhood, the mother that lived there," Crawford said.

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