“I didn’t even have time to prepare for it,” Security guard attacked outside of local casino

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police want to speak with a man in connection to a violent assault on a security guard who was working at a local casino.

Officials say the crime happened last month outside of Remington Park.

"I didn't even have time to prepare for it or react. I mean, I literally just yelled, 'Hey, man,' punch," Nicholas Odparlik told News 4.

Odparlik said he was working security for Remington Park when he saw a man kick a car.

"As soon as I said, ‘Hey, man,’ he just cocked back his fist and punched me in the face and broke my nose," Odparlik said.

The alleged suspect then ran away, leaving Odparlik covered in blood.

"It took me a second to realize I got punched in the face and the thought to shoot him did cross my mind, as any person wearing a firearm would. However, his back was turned and he was running away and I decided I probably shouldn't shoot him," Odparlik said.

He had to have facial reconstructive surgery and he’s now missing a tooth.

"I'm getting an implant done. So, I have this retainer thing right now. But yeah, he knocked out this one,” he said, pointing to his tooth.

Police released surveillance images, hoping to find the man who left Odparlik in such bad shape.

"I have constant pain. I have a pressure in my head at all times,” Odparlik said. "I want him caught.”

So far, no arrests have been made.

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