Patience is key when heading to state fair this weekend

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OKLAHOMA CITY - With the Oklahoma State Fair in full swing, some Oklahoma residents are finding traffic around the area to be a headache.

With construction near the fairgrounds and the hassle of I-44, making it to the fair isn’t always easy.

“You gotta really be patient when you’re trying to get in and out of the fair.” Oklahoma Resident Felicia Holmes told News 4. “But it’s worth it!”

Holmes says she had a blast at the fair with her grandkids, but the heavy foot traffic inside the fair didn’t compare to the crazy bumper to bumper traffic on the outside.

“It`s like being on I-35 or I-40 during rush hour. It`s that crazy, and like you said there is construction going on everywhere,” Holmes said. “With that being said, it`s kind of hard getting in and out of places where you used to because it`s blocked off.”

Holmes says it may have been hard to get to the fair, but once you reached the fairgrounds, parking lot attendants help things move along smoothly.

Across the street from the fair, Grace Baptist Church is selling parking for $5.

Ben Smith works for the church and says he’s seen it all watching motorists deal with traffic.

“Jump around and do a U-turn, and if they are in too big of a truck they will jump across people`s driveways,” Smith said. “Drive through people`s grass and go through things like that.”

Smith says it’s important to take a breath when stuck in traffic, and remember that o on is trying to get in your way.

"You`ll get where you`ll get when you`re gonna get there,” Smith said. “Try to be patient, try to think about all the other people trying to do their thing as well.”

The Oklahoma State Fair runs through Sunday, September 22.

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