Yukon high school remembers 16-year-old football player who fell on the field

YUKON, Okla. - A small Christian school in Yukon is trying to put the pieces back together after a 16-year-old football player falls on the field Friday night and never gets back up.  A high school of just over 100 students, Southwest Covenant is grieving today remembering a friend, a student, and a teammate.

"Oh, it's been really tough. I don`t have many answers on this one," said Principal Kevin Cobbs.

Southwest Covenant School remembering one of its own.

Friday night, Sophomore Peter Webb made what some say was a routine tackle on an opposing player.

During the play, Webb sustained a head injury.  He later died at the hospital.

"He was a quality student quality athlete. Every classmate thought he was there best friend," said Cobbs.

His former coach and principal Kevin Cobb remembers how special Peter Webb was.

"He routinely would give hugs to people in the hallway which was very unique, I probably had a hug from him I would guess every day. Every day there were be a hug from Peter so that`s the kind of kid he was," said Cobbs

On Monday, the school arranged to have youth pastors and crisis counselors on hand for students.

"We are trying to cater to them as much as we can and what each needs knowing that all grieve differently," said Steve Lessman, SWCS Headmaster.

Funeral services are scheduled on Friday for Webb. Southwest Covenant will not play football this week.

"We just needed this week to grieve and mourn, but we will move forward," said Lessman.

Peter was one of five Webb brothers. His older brother Ben is the quarterback for SWCHS.

"Ben is back and forth on whether or not he can play. He`ll play, he`ll play again," said Cobbs.

"We`ll play football again. We`ll do academics again. We'll laugh again, We'll play again, but it will be different but we'll do it again," said Cobbs.

Southwest Covenant will not play their homecoming game this Friday night against Wesleyan Christian.

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