OKC attorney moved to Okmulgee Co. jail where charges originate

OKMULGEE COUNTY, Okla. - An OKC attorney is behind Okmulgee County bars this evening as the investigation continues surrounding a triple homicide in Beggs.

"We don`t really know what we`re dealing with here, because they won`t give us anything. It`s almost if we`ve been denied access to the courts in Okmulgee county. The judge isn`t available, the DA is not available and they`re not forced to come to court," said attorney David McKenzie.

Still no answers in this ongoing investigation surrounding a triple homicide in Beggs.

Jack and Evelynn Chandler, and their daughter Tiffany Eichor were found dead in their home weeks ago.

Still no one behind bars for murder, but one woman who could be connected to the case is in jail.

Keegan Harroz was arrested a week ago and sat in the Oklahoma County Jail until Friday afternoon when she was moved to the Okmulgee County jail.

"I feel great about it because I visited her yesterday and she was in medical distress, she was weak, she wasn`t given the proper nourishment given her health concerns there," said McKenzie.

He says when he visited Harroz, she seemed almost unrecognizable.

He's hoping this facility change, will be better for her health.

"She was very cold. She`s lost ten pounds since she`s been in the jail. She has some medical issues," he said.

He's hoping they can get her out of jail.

Right now, Harroz's bond is set at $1 million. 

McKenzie says that amount doesn't match the crime she's been charged with.

"We hope to finally get access to the courts and get a reasonable bond set for the relatively minor crime that she`s charged with," he said.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff's office saying Harroz was not arrested in connection to the murders.

A search warrant obtained by News 4 last week says Harroz's law office was searched for anything related to those deaths.

"We know exactly where she was when these crimes were committed, we have records, we`re potentially going to have videotape so we feel very good about this potential three-person homicide and Keegan never being accused of that formally," said McKenzie.

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