Suspected thief caught on cameras while in the process of stealing them

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are searching for a man caught on camera stealing a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood surveillance system.

“And of course, they were on camera, stealing the cameras,” said Rick Shoffstall, who lives in the neighborhood.

Residents are on high alert after the neighborhood cameras were ripped from the front entrance.

The cameras were put in place to catch anyone suspicious entering and exiting the neighborhood and are high enough quality to focus on a license plate tag… and even the thief himself.

“People are pretty bold, you know? When they actually steal the cameras in that way,” said Lyle Henry, HOA board member.

In the surveillance video, you can see the man walking around the front of the camera then unscrewing it from the wall.

The homeowner’s association believes it’s the same guy caught on camera earlier this summer.

“They didn’t steal them in July. Just kind of cased it in July, looking at what it was,” Henry said.

But the cameras are not the only things missing.

Also this month, a lawnmower was picked up by an unidentified truck.

Then just days later- a vehicle was stolen from inside a garage.

“There are people that come through the neighborhood checking cars all the time. Not just our neighborhood, but all over the area. Just looking for an easy theft,” Shoffstall said.

Unfortunately, the front entrance surveillance cameras had already been taken. So, no chance of seeing who took off in the stolen vehicle.

Now the neighborhood is just hoping to catch the thief seen on camera.

“The guy’s stealing the cameras. He’s gotta know he’s standing in front of it. He just didn’t care,” Shoffsall said.

Oklahoma City Police are investigating the theft. The homeowner’s association told News 4 they’re working to replace all three stolen cameras.

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