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School bus did not have flashing lights on before OKCPD patrol car hit teen, police say

OKLAHOMA CITY – A school bus did not have its flashing loading and unloading lights on before a teen was hit by an Oklahoma City officer over the weekend, police say.

On Saturday, at around 9:30 a.m., an officer was traveling northbound on S Beyers near Wheeler Middle School at approximately 17 miles per hour, according to GPS information in the police unit.

A police report states the officer was driving in front of the school when he came up behind a school bus parked against the curb.

The school bus did not have its loading and unloading lights on and flashing, police say.

The officer then went left of center to drive around the school bus.

As the officer was going around the bus, a 13-year-old girl ran across the street in front of the school bus.

Police say the girl became visible to the officer approximately six feet before impact, about .24 seconds prior to the incident.

According to Oklahoma City police, the officer “could not have avoided the collision due to the actions of the pedestrian.”

The girl was taken to the hospital and later released.

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