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Edmond teen charged after allegedly posting shooting threats

EDMOND, Okla. – An 18-year-old man has been charged after allegedly posting two threats to social media about an Oklahoma high school.

On Sept. 4, investigators with the Edmond Police Department began looking into an alleged threat posted to Snapchat.

According to court documents, a school official at Edmond Santa Fe High School called police after learning about a school threat on Snapchat.

“The suspect posted a post that said, ‘Time to shoot up the school.’ And it had a Santa Fe High School filter attached to that post,” Sgt. James Hamm, with the Edmond Police Department, told KFOR.

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Authorities learned the post sent from an account featuring the name of an Edmond Santa Fe student. However, school officials said the teen doesn't actually attend class on campus. Instead, he attends class at a technology center in Oklahoma City.

Court documents state that officers were able to make contact with the student, who said that he didn't make the post. He also said that "there is someone at Santa Fe High School that has a problem with him and creates accounts in his name." Authorities looked through the teen's phone and found that his actual Snapchat account name was different from the one that made the threat.

Officials say the filter that was on the Snapchat threat actually helped them find the real suspect.

"One of his deputies informed him that the 'Santa Fe' portion of the Snapchat post was actually a filter that is only available based on GPS data that puts that device in the vicinity of the school. Since [the teen] doesn't come to the Santa Fe campus at all during the day, it is believed the post actually originated from a device on the Santa Fe campus and was more than likely posted by someone other than [the teen.]"

On Sept. 6, another threat was posted to the same account with another Santa Fe filter.

Authorities were able to get the IP address for the user and tracked the account to 18-year-old Bryson Burnett.

Ultimately, Burnett admitted to making the threats but said he "never had the means to carry [the threats] out," the probable cause affidavit states.

Burnett has been charged with terrorist hoax, falsely impersonating another, and willfully using a computer to put another person in fear of physical harm or death.

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