OKCFD K-9 recovering after cancer leads to amputation of her leg

OKLAHOMA CITY – A K-9 with Oklahoma Task Force 1 is recovering after a cancer diagnosis led to the amputation of one of her legs.

Oklahoma City Fire Department’s Major Brent Koeninger recently noticed Moxie, a 9-year-old black lab, was limping one morning at the fire station. Koeninger has been Moxie’s handler since October 2012.

Moxie was taken to the task force team’s veterinarian who performed X-rays and recommended that she see a specialist to check a spot on her knee.

A biopsy was performed and results showed a form of cancer called Chondrosarcoma, resulting in the amputation of one of Moxie’s legs.

She underwent surgery on Monday and is recovering nicely, the fire department says.

K-9 Moxie

Moxie was deployed in May 2013 with Koeninger to Moore, where the mile-wide tornado caused devastation.

Fire officials say the team worked tirelessly with several state task forces for several days searching for those in need of help.

Then, in May 2015, Koeninger and Moxie went to a mobile home park in Oklahoma after a six-day tornado outbreak occurred across Great Plains, affecting multiple states.

Moxie and Koeninger searched the park to make sure no one was trapped in the debris.

Moxie and Major Koeninger

Moxie is State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance Type 1 certified – the highest certification a search K-9 can achieve, and she has certified three times; most recently in June 2019 in Kansas.

“We know Moxie is so strong and will bounce back from this. We certainly wish her a speedy recovery,” said the department on Facebook.

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