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Oklahoma’s first severe E-cigarette lung injury confirmed

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Officials with the state health department confirm the first case of severe lung injury related to E-cigarette or vape use in Oklahoma.

“Several states earlier than us identified severe lung injury among residents in their states,” Laurence Burnsed, a state epidemiologist, said.

It’s a warning stretching from state to state that has now reached Oklahoma.

“We have been consulting with providers and reviewing reports,” Burnsed said. “So we do know that we have at least one case involving a Tulsa resident.”

It’s a case of serious lung injury related to E-cigarette and vaping product use. Health department officials say the patient is under 18 years old.

This case is not deadly, unlike the 12 fatal cases in other states.

“What we’re advising is for people to just consider refraining from use of E-Cigarette and vaping at this time,” Burnsed said.

Officials also warn if you don’t take that advice, to stay away from buying products off the street.

“The majority of the issues, 84 perecent of them have been linked to illicit black market THC cartridges,” Craig Majors, the owner of Liquid Vapor Lounge, said.

Majors feels there are some misconceptions when it comes to tossing these products all together.

“E liquid injuries of nicotine base has absolutely zero deaths associated with it and zero, that we know of, major illnesses,” Majors said.

However, health officials say those specifics are still being researched, which is why they’re telling people to err on the side of caution.

“Because it’s undetermined at this time, exactly which ingredient or class of ingredients might be causing these severe lung injuries, were advising just to refrain from using e cigarette and vaping products,” Burnsed said.

Burnsed said if you are experiencing symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or fever and you’ve used these products, let your doctor know.

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