“Everything was a lie,” Holdenville family says builder swindled them out of $133k

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - 31 acres, a front porch, and a big house to raise their toddlers- it all seemed to be coming together for one Holdenville couple until they say their builder cheated them out of their savings.

"He left behind a huge pile of mess that he never cleaned up," Zoey Sigman said.

It's a mess Zoey Sigman and Travis Tyra couldn't even dream up while building their dream home as a couple.

"Here we are a nightmare," Sigman said.

It all started back in December of last year when the family of four hired Mariano Alvarez with Alvarez Construction.

More than $133,000 and 10 months later, the home is not even close to being finished.

He was like well if you just give me the money we will have that ordered," Sigman said.

$10,000 for doors one month, $8,000 for windows the next, $13,000 for electric, the list goes on and on.

The family shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on a list of installments.

"We just don't know where things went wrong?" Travis Tyra said.

But the subcontractors say they never saw that money to begin with, leaving the couple to pay for things twice.

Each time, they say Alvarez came up with an excuse.

"'I'm out of town' he said," Sigman said. "He also said, 'they won't deliver them unless they are paid for and I'll just pay you back when I get back.'"

Almost a year later, the family is at a breaking point and at the bottom of their bank account.

"Everything was a lie," Tyra said.

News 4 tried to get Alvarez's side but the number on his website was disconnected and he wasn't home.

As for the family, they're left with a half-finished home and a case against Alvarez at the Hughes County Sheriff's Office.

"We are just hoping they press criminal charges so he doesn't do this to someone else," Sigman said.

After posting their testimony to Facebook and doing some digging, the couple found out Alvarez did the same thing to at least 5 other families.

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