India in Indian Country: An expanded India Food and Arts Festival

MOORE, Okla. -- I've never wandered the crowded market stalls of Delhi or Mumbai, never smelled the spice and humanity of the many cultures in the nation of India.

But now I can say I came as close as you can get in Oklahoma.

My friend Ilesh Patel helped organize this India Food and Arts Festival which, before this September, had just been for food vendors.

"We are representing India in the form of culture and entertainment," he says of the expanded menu here.

He and a small army of volunteers attempted to bring in the whole country.

Even Patel was surprised at the number of fellow countrymen he met on this Saturday night.

"Yes, Yes," he agrees. "There are so many people I have seen for the first time."

For a few hours, no matter what state you were from, there was a little taste of home transported to the prairie.

For more information on the India Association of Oklahoma, click here or visit their Facebook page.

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