Three men in masks ambush OKC home after house party grows out of control

OKLAHOMA CITY - They stole just about everything but the kitchen sink.

A brazen home invasion by three men in masks lasted for more than an hour, as terrified tenants holed themselves up inside a room and called 911.

It was a rude awakening for the two men inside. The crooks came prepared, even bringing their own drill to remove the lock on the front door.

One thing they didn`t think about: all the cameras watching their every move.

After hosting a party at a northwest Oklahoma City home, not even the sound of a drill woke Tanner up from his sleep.

“I open my eyes to some random man with a mask on.”

It all happened around dawn Sunday morning, hours after a house party grew out of control.

You can see the men scope the place out on the in-home surveillance video.

A man in a mask. The other wearing an Indiana Jones-like hat. Both peering into doors and windows.

“My television was gone; both of my surround sounds are gone. The microwave was gone.”

Almost $3,000 worth of stuff was gone. Tanner had no idea anything was happening until he felt someone repeatedly tugging at his covers.

“I could see there is an individual in my room with a mask on. I just froze. My heart pounded. I just froze up. In my mind I am like what do I do? What do I do? What do I do?”

He says he acted like he was asleep.

“They would tug on my covers and then they would leave for two minutes. They think, what I believe, if they kept on tugging and tugging nonstop, I would just wake up.”

But he kept his act up. Until mustering the courage to get help when the thieves left his room.

“Go to the bathroom call 911, explain to her what is going on and within minutes they arrive, and they were long gone by then.”

Tanner says he believes the men attended the party earlier that night.

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