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Community members feel bite of alleged fundraising fraud

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A group of school-fundraising scam victims are trying to spread the word about an odd scam to keep others from falling for it.

"Unless I’m new to this, there's not a school out in the middle of Lake Hefner,” Darcie Bryant told News 4.

Bryant thought she was doing a good thing when she donated $5 to support a local team while in the aisle of a Homeland in Yukon.

“I was just walking up aisles and then I got approached by a boy who said, 'Excuse me, ma'am, would you like to buy a Sonic card?' And I said, 'What for?' And he said, 'Well, we're selling them for the Bobcat High School football team,'” Bryant said.

Bryant said she swiped her card and didn’t think much of it until she received a text alert with an odd receipt when she got home.

"So, I click on it and it was $20, not the original five and below. It had the Bobcats team name and then Lake Hefner Lighthouse,” Bryant said.

Bryant posted about it on the Yukon Happenings Facebook page and within minutes, people all over the metro chimed in with similar stories, including her good friend Kacy Swanson.

"That made me go look at my receipt, which also said $20, and I was like wow, this is crazy. So, I contacted my bank, had to cancel my card and disputed the charge,” Swanson told News 4.

It happened to Swanson at an OKC Sam’s Club. Others claimed it happened to them at a Walmart in Yukon and the Walmart in El Reno.

Bryant called the Homeland where she was targeted to see if they were even aware.

"They transferred me to the director here at Homeland, [and] he said, 'No, ma'am. They were not authorized to be here. When we found out, we got them out of the store,'" Bryant said.

News 4 called the other stores and they didn’t know anything about it, but said they’d keep their eyes peeled.

"I feel like if I would have asked more questions and verified that a leader was there, I could have stopped the whole process from happening," Swanson said.

"Charging $20 for the $5 and it's not even a year card and not a valid school. It's just stealing,” Bryant said.

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