Elk City mother demanding answers after school nurse doesn’t follow strict instructions

ELK CITY, Okla. - Virginia Hammond left strict instruction for the nurses at Elk City Elementary when she enrolled her son in Pre-K. Five-year-old Bentley has a GI condition and no one is supposed to touch his feeding tube other than his parents and doctor.

“It is hard for me. I try not to cry when I see him crying because he is screaming for me and there is nothing I can do,” Virginia said.

It's a mother`s worst nightmare: receiving a call from the school nurse about a medical emergency.

“He was hollering how it hurts. He didn't want anyone to touch it,” Virginia said.

Bentley was born with a rare GI condition requiring him to use a feeding tube.

“Right now it looks like he has acid burn on his stomach and that is what they are working to treat,” Virginia said.

Virginia said her son went to the school nurse last week complaining about the tube itching and hurting.

Instead of calling his parents they say the school nurse took it in her own hands, wrapping his stomach tightly with an Ace bandage. Virginia says stomach acid began leaking from the feeding tube leaving the five-year-old with severe burns.

“It is just mainly in the front where it leaked down from the stomach acid. They put so much pressure and it is running everything out,” Virginia said.

Once a happy little boy, Bentley now calls out for his mamma in pain. Virginia sends this reminder to caretakers: “It don't matter what the disability is for the child, whether it is ADHD, or they have a wheelchair or walker, or even if they have down syndrome. Every child is special, and they need to understand and work with that child.”

There`s no telling when Bentley will be released from the OU Children’s Hospital, and Virginia is not sure if she will bring Bentley back to Elk City Elementary.

We reached out earlier in the day for a comment from the superintendent, but our call was not returned.

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