Metro woman recounts moment she and a friend were kidnapped, carjacked

OKLAHOMA CITY — A man was arrested after holding two women at gunpoint and forcing them to drive him around the city, then stealing their car.

“Yes, we just got jacked, carjacked,” a woman on the phone frantically told 911 dispatch. “We already called the police where the guy left us at. He gun pointed us."

That was one of two calls to 911 following a horrific kidnapping that took a violent turn.

'We were just carjacked. He stole our wallets and our phones. He has everything,” the other victim said when she called 911.

The woman on that call spoke to News 4 over the phone on Wednesday. She said it all started at the Circle K at I-40 and Meridian.

"They said they had been stranded on that side of town for hours and they just needed to get as close to the Capitol as we would take them. It was two females, didn't seem threatening at all. So, you know, we're from the South, we help each other, so I said sure, we'll give you a ride,” she said.

The terrifying ride lasted for over an hour, with the first stop to a home near NE 23rd and Lincoln.

That’s where the victim said a man, identified by police as Gregory Jordan, got in the car with a gun.

"He kind of poked me in the head and I didn't realize it was a gun at first until he hit me with it and I was like oh, that's not a hand. That’s a gun,” she said.

The lengthy car ride finally came to an end near NE 19th and Coltrane.

"He had us leave our money, our wallets, our IDs, phones. He said just get out and walk. He had me hand him the keys and he said you can run or you can die. It's your choice,” she told News 4.

Thankfully, both of the victims are okay.

As for Jordan, police tracked him and the stolen vehicle down to a nearby hotel about two hours later.

He was arrested on a long list of charges, including kidnapping.

The victims are thankful police made a speedy arrest.

"It's so weird because it just doesn't seem real like is this really happening and, you know she just wanted to get home to her husband. I just wanted to get home to my babies,” the victim said. “Even later in the day, I was like this is like waking up from a nightmare.”

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