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Enid first responders help deliver baby before arriving at hospital

Enid Police Department

ENID, Okla. – An Enid family’s new addition decided she didn’t want to wait for the hospital before making her grand entrance into the world, but luckily, Enid first responders helped mom, dad, and brother get through the rushed arrival.

According to mom, Teirna’s Facebook post, Officer Andy Morris arrived first on scene to help calm the anxious father and brother.

They were quickly joined by the Enid Fire Department who checked mom and baby’s vitals until Enid EMS arrived.

While on the way to the hospital, EMTs allowed the proud dad to cut the cord.

The family finally arrived at the hospital and Tally’s whirlwind appearance came to a happy end.

Responding first responders have visited Tally, nicknamed Hastings by the firefighters, and checked in on the girl that gave them one memorable Wednesday.

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