Oklahoma woman shaken after stranger tries to get into her home, comes back hours later

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman has been scared out of her home after a stranger came knocking on her door, demanding to be let in twice in just a matter of hours.

Alasha Young says it first happened around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Young says she was asleep when she woke up to a man banging on her doors and windows.

"It’s very scary," Young said. "Then somehow he got into my backyard, was banging on the back window and back door and then kept going to the front."

She immediately called 911, and the banging was loud enough that it was heard by the dispatcher.

"He's doing it again," she said to the dispatcher.

"Yeah, I can hear it," he said.

Next door, Susan Moring's barking dog woke her up. When she got up to see what he was barking at, she saw the man banging on Young's windows.

"I banged on my windows to try to scare him away, let him know someone was watching," Moring said.

But the man then tried to get into her home instead.

"He seemed to think he knew the people who lived there, didn`t know why we wouldn`t let him in," Moring said.

Finally, he left.

However, the man was back in Young's backyard a few hours later.

Again, she called 911, but this time she was also able to snap a photo of him and even talked to him. She said he seemed to be on drugs.

"He wanted to be let inside the house and I kept telling him no, that I was not going to let him in," Young said.

He left before police arrived, leaving her with alarming last words.

"I told him absolutely not, you're not getting in my house, and then he said he's going to come back," Young said.

Now, police are investigating to figure out exactly what was going on.

Young said her home was also broken into a few months ago, saying this was the final straw. She says she is now looking for a new place to live.

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