Thieves caught on camera stealing 4-year-old’s four wheeler

Data pix.

HARRAH - A Harrah family says they are out $2,299 after a four wheeler was stolen from their driveway early Saturday morning.  Cody Cleveland told News 4 they bought the four wheeler for their son's fourth birthday in September, and they were planning on going riding this weekend.  “He’s hit or miss on it, he’s a little upset about it," Cleveland said.  "He keeps asking when it’s coming home.  He thinks somebody borrowed it.”

On the security footage you can see a car pass the house two times, then on its third pass it stops.  You see two men going through things in the drive way.  Cleveland says along with the four wheeler they also stole a shop vac out of his truck.  This all happened while he was awake and inside watching TV.  Cleveland says he went outside just minutes after the thieves made their get away.  "I wish I went outside just a little bit sooner, cause I went outside about five minutes after they left," Cleveland told News 4.  "So I wish I went outside just a little bit sooner and caught them in the act."

Cleveland says he's mad his property was stolen, but he's even more upset that it was his four-year-old son's birthday present that he had for less than four weeks.  I'ts pretty irritating.  We work hard for everything we got," Cleveland said.  For someone to just walk up and take it, it irritates the hell out of me."

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