Hundreds sign petition for Tuttle high school principal withdrawal

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TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) — Concerned parents are speaking out through an online petition regarding an alleged comment made by the principal of Tuttle High School and the sudden absence of a school secretary.

"It was a shock and I honestly couldn't believe it,” Breanna Howard, an alumnus of Tuttle High School, told News 4.

Howard is talking about an alleged comment made by the high school principal, Dr. Twyla Hester, that sparked an online petition which is well on its way to reaching the 2,500 signature goal.

"I think it kinda, maybe really struck a chord when she started making those comments,” Howard said.

The petition reads in part, “When you throw our special education kids under the bus, we have a problem. When you say you don't have room in "your" school, we as a community have a problem with that.”

"When I was there, everybody was just such a huge supporter of the group, of the special needs kids,” Howard said.

In a message to a concerned parent sent to News 4, the principal wrote, “There are many false and/or misguided statements floating around right now.” She went on to say “at no point did I ever indicate they have “no place in our building,” referencing special education students.

Also in that petition, concerns over a long-time beloved secretary allegedly suddenly leaving the school is referenced as a “last straw.”

“There were students that loved her and displayed their love for her by writing on their vehicles,” Janice Foust, a Tuttle parent, told News 4.

A group of parents read a lengthy statement to the school board, asking for a special meeting be set to address their concerns.

The superintendent for Tuttle Public Schools, Keith Sinor, said there will not be a meeting due to their complaint protocol, but in a statement sent to News 4, he said, “We encourage all students, staff, parents, and community members to share their concerns with our administrative team. There is a formal process for sharing complaints and we welcome all concerned parties to work through the appropriate channels.”

Dr. Hester tells News 4 she will not be issuing a comment at this time.

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