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Oklahoma man arrested after allegedly stealing 2 patrol cars, undersheriff’s vehicle

PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man was arrested after allegedly stealing two patrol cars and an undersheriff’s vehicle on Tuesday morning.

Early Tuesday morning, police say they began investigating after Leviticus Johnson allegedly stole a car out of Pottawatomie County. He ultimately crashed it into a pond in Dibble. At that point, he was taken into custody.

While in the back of the patrol car, Johnson was able to get his handcuffed hands in front of his body. He climbed into the front seat and allegedly stole that patrol car.

The patrol car is programmed to stop if it is too far from the officer, so authorities were able to stop Johnson in his tracks. However, he then made his getaway by stealing a nearby farm vehicle.

Investigators say that vehicle turned out to belong to the McClain County Undersheriff.

Once Johnson reached the City of Purcell, he abandoned the vehicle and was spotted walking around in handcuffs. He was seen by an officer who began to chase after him, but officials say he was able to circle back around and steal her patrol car.

Damaged patrol car

“It’s not every day that police cars get stolen, especially two by the same suspect in the same night, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and you see a little bit of everything,” said Sgt. Scott Stephens, with the Purcell Police Department.

The pursuit ended when another Purcell officer used a pit maneuver, which caused Johnson to crash.

He was arrested and is now facing an array of charges.

Leviticus Johnson

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