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Mystery of puzzling towers in OKC solved

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - Strange poles are popping up around Oklahoma City.

Maybe you've seen them. In fact, some people are even calling 911 about them.

They're tall, they have a cylinder on top and they line city streets, but emergency crews say these towers could cause deadly confusion.

"Our primary concern is that residents are mistaking the cell towers for outdoor warning sirens and will fail to take proper action in the event of a tornado warning," said Frank Barnes, Oklahoma City Emergency Management director.

Oklahoma City was one of 12 cities picked by AT&T last year to get 5g cell towers.

They're said to make wireless speeds 10 – even 100 times – faster.

But that requires more towers placed closer to the people using them – an expensive transition that will also require a transition or at least some getting used to for the people who live here.

Oklahoma City says 178 permits have been filed so far, not including 5g towers being put on private property.

Meanwhile, the city says they've recently been in touch with cell companies and are working to get more information about what the different cell towers will look like so that people don't get caught off guard.


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