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Oklahoma City residents among the happiest in the nation with where they live

Downtown Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Officials say that residents across the country aren’t nearly as happy with their hometown as Oklahoma City residents say they are about the city.

According to this year’s Citizen Survey, residents of Oklahoma City say they are more satisfied living in the city than most other residents across the U.S.

“We’re proud of the way residents feel about Oklahoma City,” said City Manager Craig Freeman. “We’ll use the resident feedback to focus on where we need continued improvements. With the leadership of our City Council, we’re working to maintain the city’s momentum and our residents’ support.”

According to the survey, nearly nine out of 10 residents think Oklahoma City is an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ place to live.

Officials say the biggest complaint about Oklahoma City is street conditions. In fact, only about 11% of residents said they were happy with the street conditions, which is an improvement from 2017 when just 2% said they were happy.

About four out of five residents list improved roads as one of their top priorities for the next two years.

Three out of four Oklahoma City residents think our community is moving in the right direction, compared to fewer than half of residents of other cities.

Satisfaction with the overall quality of city services and how well the city is planning for growth is well above the national average for large cities:

  • 64% of survey respondents are satisfied with the overall quality of services, 22% above the national average.
  • 60% of residents are satisfied with planning for growth, 25% above the national average.

The survey also showed that residents are satisfied with the fire service, ambulance service, and police service. Also, most residents are satisfied with trash collection, bulk waste removal, and curbside recycling.

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