Day 4 of impeachment hearings

Jury in Keith Sweeney trial shown interview with investigators, hear training officer’s take

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - The trial continues for a suspended police officer on trial for murder. Keith Sweeney is charged with shooting and killing Dustin Pigeon, who was unarmed.

The jury got a glimpse of  Sweeney's side for the first time as they watched him answer questions in an interview with investigators about what he saw the night Dustin Pigeon was killed.

Sweeney says he thought Pigeon had a knife when he approached the scene and thought he was moving towards him in an aggressive way.

He says he didn't know Officer Troy Nitzky had a bean bag shotgun out, and that he didn't fire because he heard Nitzky fire.

Sweeney says he didn't know Pigeon was holding lighter fluid until after he shot.

A detective who works as a training coordinator at the Oklahoma City Police Department was called in and asked about what kind of training Sweeney would've had at the academy.

The detective was shown the body camera video from Officer Howell's perspective and asked if anything wasn't in line with training guidelines.

The detective said there's nothing that shows Pigeon had the intention to hurt anyone.

He also said Sweeney responded way too quickly and should've assessed the situation before going into it. The defense used cross-examination to point out body camera footage doesn't show things from Sweeney's perspective.

The trial is expected to last until the end of this week or early next week.

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