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Liquor store owners prepare to allow minors in November 1st

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DEL CITY, Okla. - When it comes to alcohol laws - our state has seen some major changes in the last year - and on Friday that continues.

Starting November first - those ages 21 and under will be allowed in liquor stores as long as they're accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This comes after Governor Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2325 into law back in May.

For some, it's a welcome change because current law has hurt sales in some cases.

"I've had several leave - some carrying a baby in a car seat - 'I'm sorry you can't bring her in,'" said Richard's Liquor Store manager Stacie Carra. "It's a baby in a car seat - what are they gonna do, you know?"

While some have expressed concerns that this will glamorize alcohol to minors - Carra says she doesn't feel that's the case.

"The more they're around stuff - the more they're not going to abuse this," she said.

Carra says Richard's Liquor Store is among the many that's seen a drop in sales since last year's legalization of wine and strong beer sales in grocery stores - so she hopes this change helps.

Tonight at 10 on News 4, we'll show you the biggest change they're making at Richard's Liquor ahead of allowing minors in their doors.

Several other laws go into effect Friday as well. Click here to learn more.

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