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Oklahoma lake officials warning residents against bringing guns to property

STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – As permitless carry goes into effect across the state, many organizations are preparing for the changes.

However, one lake in Stillwater says armed citizens will not be allowed on its property.

In February, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2597 into law.

The law allows Oklahomans who are over the age of 21 to carry a firearm without a permit. If you are in the military, you only have to be 18-years-old.

Sen. Kim David stressed that the bill doesn’t change federal background checks required by law to purchase a firearm, and private property owners will still have the right to allow or deny concealed or open carry on their premises.

With permitless carry going into effect on Nov. 1, officials at Lake Carl Blackwell are reminding residents that weapons are not allowed on the premises.

Officials with Lake Carl Blackwell say the lake property is owned by Oklahoma State University and is technically considered part of the campus. As the law allows, Oklahoma State University has said that it will continue prohibiting guns on any of its properties.

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