Strong wind sends car hood crashing into windshield

Data pix.

MOORE, Okla. - Mother Nature proved today she's not a force to be reckoned with.

Junior Chris Bradshaw was on his way to Southmoore High School Monday morning when suddenly...

“I was driving down Western and the screws were torn out of the latch from here. The latch is still good, but they were torn out because of the lift from the hood.”

The wind caused the hood of his car to fly up, blocking his view of the front windshield. Leaving behind shattered glass and then some.

“Windshield is busted, roof is damaged. Fenders are damaged. I couldn't react, it was too quick. It was like a snap. I didn't have time to react.”

His mother, Shannon, in awe of what happened and how strong the wind was.

“I have driven before, and I have seen the hood go back and forth. I know the wind will make it do that, but I didn`t know it would actually fly up and break his windshield,” Shannon told News 4.

Now, they want to share this warning to all drivers.

“Check your hood on a windy day when you go outside. It wouldn`t hurt and keep something bad from happening.”

The Bradshaw family says the damage is about $4,500 and they hope to get the car fixed soon.

It's not yet clear though if insurance will pay for it. Some companies call situations like this "an act of God."

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