Officials: 4 common tricks scam artists use to con you out of your money

TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – With the holidays just around the corner, experts are warning Oklahomans about scam artists who may try to capitalize on the hustle and bustle of the season.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma is reminding customers to protect themselves against imposters trying to steal their money by claiming to represent utility company employees.

“Criminals’ tactics and the technologies they use to carry out their scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated,” said Whitney Emerick, PSO communications director. “Thieves typically attempt to steal customers’ money over the phone, but scammers may also use email or go door-to-door to find their victims.”

Officials say common signs of an imposter trying to scam customers out of their money include:

  • Calling to demand an immediate bill payment over the phone
  • Demanding that you pay with a pre-paid debit card
  • Asking for personal or account information
  • Asking to meet you somewhere in person to make a bill payment.

Experts say you should be suspicious of anyone calling and threatening to cut off their electricity unless a payment is made immediately. If that happens, hang up the phone and call the utility company to learn about your account status and report the scam.

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