Oklahoma City firefighters respond to 3 carbon monoxide calls related to oven liners

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In a matter of days, families across the country will be spending hours in the kitchen in order to prepare a massive feast.

Before you start cooking, officials with the Oklahoma City Fire Department say there is one thing you need to know.

In the past year, fire department officials say they have responded to three emergency calls involving carbon monoxide due to the improper use of oven liners.

Oven liners are often used inside of ovens to catch drippings and grease, making the cleanup process easier.

Officials say whether you are using commercially-produced oven liners or aluminum foil, both can be dangerous.

Gas ovens have vents in the floor of the oven, which must not be obstructed. However, when you place oven liners or foil over these vents, it can create a deadly accumulation of carbon monoxide.

Authorities stress that you should read all safety information and manuals for your oven and oven liner before using them. If you do use an oven liner, install them per the manufacturer’s instructions.

They stress that you should also install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms as a precaution in your home.


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