1,009-pound green bean casserole breaks Guinness World Records title

NEW YORK (KFOR) – You either love it or hate it: Green bean casserole.

For those who love the iconic Thanksgiving food tradition, a new record for the largest serving of the dish may sound like a dream come true.

On Wednesday, Green Giant set the Guinness World Record title for the largest serving of green bean casserole – a whopping 1,009 pounds!

The casserole was made of 1,069 cans of Green Giant Cut Green Beans, 485 cans of mushroom soup, 65 quarts of milk and 95 pounds of French-fried onions.

It took a team of 10 chefs eight hours to prep and cook the casserole. The average bake time for a typical serving of green bean casserole is 25 minutes.

The record-setting casserole will feed 3,000 people at senior centers across New York City.

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