“We are all devastated,” Oklahoma animal rescue posts sad update about handicapped goat

LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – A local animal rescue and sanctuary is mourning the loss of a pair of unique animals that formed a special bond.

“It’s a little goat gang,” Jennie Hays told News 4 earlier this year. “They sleep together, they eat together, they never headbutt each other, which is pretty amazing considering that’s what goats do.”

Scooter and Heatly were two goats who survived traumatic experiences when they were younger.

Scooter was partially paralyzed after he was picked up by a mule as a newborn. Heatly was left out in a winter storm and suffered frostbite to both back legs and his ears.

When the goats came to Oliver and Friends Rescue and Sanctuary in Luther, it was apparent that they were where they belonged.

Scooter was fitted with a cart, while Heatly was fitted for prosthetics.

“For a goat, that’s climbing, that’s jumping, and he can do all those things in prosthetics that he wouldn’t be able to do in a wheelchair,” Hays said.

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The two goats spent months together adjusting to their new normal, but Scooter suffered health complications that he could not overcome.

Months later, the sanctuary says Heatly suddenly passed away as well.

"It was extremely unexpected and we are all devastated. He was acting a little tired and off the last couple of days and had a checkup scheduled for Monday, but my heart believes he was tired and as the dignified yet opinionated gentleman he always was, made the choice for himself. He passed away unassisted but completely enveloped in love and adoration at 4:46 am," the rescue posted. " He was the most patient and kind soul ever. He let us bandage, cast, and fuss with him and his legs without any opposition. He loved his hay and his friends and would do anything for sweet feed. He was adored by so very many, and it was such an honor to love him and care for him. I’m glad Scooter and Charlie have their brother but we miss him so much."


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