Pig’s perfect plan helps her escape slaughter truck, live out life at Luther farm sanctuary

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LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) - While in a truck on her way to certain death, a pig - now named Poppy - came up with a plan.

"She went through so much but you know, it was her ticket to freedom," said Jennie Hays, with Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

Poppy's not just any pig. She's a pig who had a perfect plan while on a slaughter transport truck.

This little piggy decided that she didn't want to go to market.

"Somehow managed to climb over the backs of other animals," Hays said. "She leaped out onto a California highway, was hit by another car and managed to then get out of the road."

Poppy was taken in by Farm Sanctuary in California. After surgery for her injuries and getting spayed, she came to Oliver & Friends.

Hays takes in rescues of all sorts at the Luther farm sanctuary, and each one has a unique story.

"These animals blow me away with their tenacity, their will to live," said Hays.

Poppy is as tenacious as they come.

"If she had not made that decision and suffered that much pain," Hays said. "She'd be dead now. She'd be in a supermarket or in somebody's belly right now."

Hays says while some may find this pig's heroic plan surprising, she doesn't.

"They're way smarter, scientifically, it's not my opinion, than a dog," she said. "They have an amazing ability to create memories. That's a huge sign of intelligence and one thing that even dogs struggle with."

Now, she's found her forever home.

"Poppy will climb in your lap, she will follow you anywhere," said Hays.

But Hays says it's not just her personality that's sweet.

"She smells like maple syrup, which is really cool," she said. "I know in people it can be a sign of a kidney issue but in pigs, they're just awesome."

Poppy is now thriving not in hog heaven but pig paradise.

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