Over $80,000 worth of drones stolen from Forsyth County store

FORSYTH County, GA (WGCL) – Over $80,000 worth of drones were stolen in just minutes from a Forsyth County hobby store Saturday night.

Surveillance video shows two people break into Atlanta Hobby on Oak Industrial Lane. They came in a white Nissan van.

“It was almost like they knew right where they wanted to go,” owner Cliff Whitney said. “When they came in, they turned the lights on, came through the double doors into the shop and immediately made the proper turn to get to the area where our drones are.”

It was Small Business Saturday, but instead of supporting this business, Whitney said, they brought garbage bags to steal.

“They walked up and down our car aisle, they checked out our display of telescopes, reached into Toys for Tots,” he said.

According to Whitney, the store has only been in this location for a month.

“You start thinking about Christmas, you start thinking about the ten families you employ and how long it’s going to take to replenish your stuff,” Whitney said.

Whitney told CBS46 he hopes the video helps police catch the two.

“It is very disappointing,” he said. “Makes you mad it really does.”

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