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Gas station clerk fends off robbery suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - A gas station clerk became an overnight hero after going nose to nose with an armed robber who was demanding cash.

Turns out, the seasoned employee was one step ahead of the crook.

“I need a police officer,” the clerk said on the 911 call. “I’m being robbed.”

“You’re being robbed,” the operator said.

“I got a guy in here that’s... a guy got in here and he has a gun,” the clerk said on the 911 call.

An overnight shift at VP Racing Gas Station in downtown OKC went from slow to an all-out panic.

Police say a clerk fought off an attacker while on the phone with 911.

“Hello,” the operator said.

“I don’t have any money!” the clerk said on the 911 call.

OKC Police say Steffon Lewis walked into the store with his hood up and his hands inside his shirt.

The suspect demanded money or he would shoot, but the man behind the counter called his bluff.

“The clerk said the man came into the store and pretended to have a gun,” Megan Morgan with the OKC Police Department said.

Just in case, the clerk grabbed a 2x4 and walked to the cash register.

But then the clerk went to the back to grab his phone and the suspect followed him.

The two began tussling over the piece of wood. The clerk was holding on tight while the suspect pushed and shoved before pinning the employee, offering a stern warning.

“The suspect said he was going to leave the store and come back with an actual gun,” Morgan said.

The suspect left, but police were already nearby. The police station is only a block away.

“Fortunately, the suspect was still in the area when officers got there and took him into custody,” Morgan said.

Now instead of a piece of wood, the clerk has a new layer of protection: a baseball bat.

The suspect did try to lead police on a short chase, but once officers caught up to him, they didn’t find any weapons under his shirt.

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