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A Toy Treasure Trove: One Edmond man’s boyhood dreams come true

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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA (KFOR) - As a grandpa, Dalfred Goodman only has one rule when it comes to his special room.

"From the time they were first crawling they've stuck by it," he says.

His four grandchildren (the oldest is now 20) could play with these old cars in the garage, these pedal cars, Matchbox cars, even his Red Line Hot Wheels all they wanted.

"That's okay if they play with those."

His wife's puzzle room? He didn't care.

But when it came to this room, they can't ever go in alone.

"This is it," he smiles as he opens a door and turns on the light.

This is where Goodman's special toys live.

"A few toys. A few toys," he mutters.

The last time he bothered to count there were better than 2,500 cars in here built between the 1920s and the 1950s.

"They were heavy, well made," he insists.

Some are die-cast metal, some pressed steel, a few plastic and some rare wood toys.

Dalfred looks at the label on one and explains, "Bob Crane is the guy who made those. He lived in California."

Goodman always toted a sack lunch when he went to school, but he made room for a magnificent lunch box collection.

He says, "It's a monster."

Nearly everything here he personally restored to Christmas day new, shiny and perfect in every way.

"I sand blast them," he says, "fill them with filler if need be, try to straighten them out."

When he was 5 or 6 Dalfred's father took a picture of him on a new wooden car.

Goodman recalls, "It sat out in the snow and rain."

But he did find another one and it's in the toy room with a collection of tether cars, pedal cars, models, a couple of boats and a few airplanes.

"They were made to play with," he insists.

Dalfred took the rust off, fixed the extending ladders, polished them up and parked them.

He doesn't really know what they might be worth, but this is a dream come true to a kid who didn't have too many toys when he was little.

"I come in here a lot of nights and open the door and look and just have fun."

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