School district changes dress code policy to include cultural headwraps

BYNG, Okla. – The Byng School District announced Monday night it will be changing its dress code policy to allow students to wear head wraps.

The decision comes after a group of girls fought the current policy.

“Wow, we had been fighting since our sophomore year to get the headwear police changed,” Senior Byng student Is’Abella Miller said.

“We decided to be the ones to make that change because it’s been so long since anybody else has spoken up about it,” Senior Byng student Delanie Seals said.

The two girls decided to take on the school themselves.

“You can’t take no for an answer,” Seals said.

Back in October, the teens came to News 4 in frustration saying their African head wraps kept landing them in detention

The students say administrators told them the head wraps were a dress code violation and even a gang affiliation.

“We didn’t realize how big this was going to get,” Miller said.

Their fight made national news, igniting a social media firestorm, writing letters, and calling for one on one meetings.

“We are happy the process worked this year,” Superintendent Todd Crabtree said.

However, Monday night those same administrators extended an olive branch by reversing the policy.

The superintendent agreed to do an on-camera interview.

“Our kids could always wear head covering for religious reason or medical reasons,” Superintendent Crabtree said. “But they didn’t say this was religious.”

According to the district, the headwear cannot hide their identity including sunglasses or hoodies to ensure safety on campus.

However, these girls hope this display of culture does show off their identities.

“I’m so happy, and I’m so happy we fought for this together,” Miller said.

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