4 Seniors: items to make driving easier

4 Seniors
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Getting older can make many things we take for granted more challenging and that includes driving.

Vision, reflexes and simple things like neck flexibility change with age.

Instead of hanging up the keys– Savvy Senior editor, Jim Miller, says some simple gadgets can prolong your driving years

1. For those who have trouble getting in and out of the car

car cane portable handle
swivel seat cushion

2.  For those who have trouble seeing

– All View rearview mirror extender

blind spot mirror

3. For those who have trouble wit the seat belt
seat belt grabber handle
– rigid seat belt extender

4. For those who need a better grip
steering wheel cover
key turner
gas cap & oil cap opener

5. For shorter drivers
foam wedge seat cushion

6. In case of emergency
Bay Alarm Medical Alert System


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