4 seniors: Making your home safer as you get older

4 Seniors
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While most people want to live in their home as long as possible, it can be difficult to do as you get older.

However, there are things you can do to make your home safer and more convenient as you grow older.

First, go room-by-room and look for potential tripping or slipping hazards, or areas that are hard to access or maintain.

The Rebuilding Together Safe at Home Checklist can also help identify potential problems throughout your house.

Also, check out AARP’s “HomeFit Guide” that includes tips and diagrams that make your entire home safe.

If you want more personalized advice, consider getting a professional in-home assessment with an occupational therapist. To find an OT in your area, contact you physician, health insurance provider or local hospital for recommendations. Many health insurance providers, including Medicare, will pay for a home assessment if prescribed by your doctor.

You can also contact a builder who is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, who is knowledgeable about aging in place home modifications. They are generally paid by the hour or receive a flat fee.

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