4 Seniors: What not to do with Alzheimer’s patients

4 Seniors
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With 5.4 million Americans struggling with Alzheimer’s, sooner or later, your path will cross with someone struggling with memory problems.

Those who work with Alzheimer’s patients say many people often make similar mistakes in conversations that can add to Alzheimer patients’ anxiety and confusion.

This topic is a passion for the Administrator of the Memory Care Neighborhood at Epworth Villa, Selena Wade. 

She shares a few tips on what not to do with Alzheimer’s patients.

Wade said she believes it’s not necessary or helpful to try to “reorient” or “correct” Alzheimer’s patients to the truth.

Also, don’t assume they are confused all the time.

Don’t talk to an Alzheimer’s patient like they are a child.

Use names instead of terms of endearment.

Don’t stop visiting just because they don’t remember your last visit. 


LINK: Epworth Villa’s Memory Care Neighborhood

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