Ersland gets new attorney for pharmacy shooting case

OKLAHOMA CITY — Pharmacist Jerome Ersland appealed his murder conviction last month but now he has fired his attorney, Irven Box, and hired a new attorney that is willing to represent him at no charge. Ersland was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of killing a would-be robber in 2009. Prosecutors said Ersland […]

Lawmakers say change is needed after hearing benefits of e-cigarettes

OKLAHOMA CITY – In 2012, Oklahoma ranked 47th out of the 50 states for adults who  smoke. According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, that ranking had changed to 39th in the nation by 2013. Some Oklahomans are crediting the popularity of electronic cigarettes or vapor devices for the drop in smokers. We have […]

New law reins in wild bounty hunters

From high-speed chases, to rescuing children from homes with suspects held up inside, officials say bounty hunters can play a huge role in fighting crime. But in some instances, some have gone too far with innocent Oklahomans. Lawmakers say it’s time to reign in the loose cannons. “There’s a situation where we had some bounty […]

Debate over guns on campus heats up

NORMAN, Okla. – The issue of guns on campus is being raised after the shooting scare at the University of Oklahoma yesterday. Even though the incident turned out to be a false alarm, gun rights advocates are now asking why college students and faculty can’t be armed. Legislation has recently been filed that would allow […]

Kevin Olge talks about one of the hottest races this political season

Today on Flash Point Kevin Ogle talks about one of the hottest races this political season. In district 44 incumbent Ralph Shortey is being challenged by his democratic challenger, Michael Brookes-Jimenez. Later in the show Ogle talks about a lawsuit that may affect gay marriage in Oklahoma. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to […]

Lawmakers discuss illegal immigrant issue at state Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY – Lawmakers met at the state Capitol today to discuss options for addressing the Obama Administration’s plan for sheltering illegal immigrant children at Fort Sill. The meeting included members of the House of Representatives Counter Terrorism Caucus, the House States’ Rights Committee, state Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City), state Sen. Nathan Dahm (R-Broken […]

Local political analysts talk about how drones could affect Oklahomans’ privacy

OKLAHOMA – Political analysts Mike Turpen and Kirk Humphreys spoke with Kevin Ogle on Flash Point about how drones could affect Oklahomans’ privacy. Senator Ralph Shortey has written a bill that would help Oklahomans protect their land and privacy when it comes to drones.  If it passes, you would be able to shoot down a […]

Oklahoma residents could “shoot down drones” under proposed law

OKLAHOMA — Drones are becoming more of a reality for Oklahomans. From real estate use to fighting wildfires, many are used daily in the Sooner state. Nick Brown has invested thousands of dollars in drones. “We just use it for personal photography for the main part,” Brown explained. Though drones are doing a lot of […]

New law reigns in rogue bounty hunters

OKLAHOMA CITY – In recent years, bounty hunters in Oklahoma made headlines when a slew of rogue agents made bad decisions. In one case a man was wrongfully tasered and his dog was shot and killed. Senator Ralph Shortey says this new law makes it mandatory for bounty hunters to be licensed, giving a clear code of conduct […]

House members of the 55th Oklahoma Legislature take oath of office

UPDATED 11/18/2014 1:15 P.M. OKLAHOMA CITY – The 101 members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives took their oath of office today including 22 new members who will be serving in the 55th Oklahoma Legislature. It happened at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, President of the Senate, presided […]

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