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Patients are often flabbergasted when they hear that they don’t need surgery to fix their chronic back pain. However, for Dr. Brett Braly of The Spine Clinic in Oklahoma City, this is a common claim. Dr. Braly is board-certified in orthopedic medicine, but he doesn’t like to consider himself a spine surgeon, but rather a spine doctor. Why? Because he finds that many back problems can be solved with another alternative that doesn’t involve going under the knife.

“I’m not treating your MRI, I’m treating you,” says Dr. Braly. “While spinal surgery done with the right diagnosis and administered properly does work, we take any steps we can to save our patients from the trauma of invasive surgery.”

Even when surgery is required, patients are in safe hands. Dr. Braly performs minimally invasive procedures to help patients get back on their feet with less risk and faster recovery times. He was recently named one of the North American Spine Society’s Top 20 Under 40 Spine Surgeons in the nation.

According to The Spine Clinic, “studies of minimally invasive techniques show that patients suffer less blood loss, less post-op pain, and recover quicker, spending fewer days in the hospital.”

At The Spine Clinic, patients can seek resolutions for more than just back pain; their office specializes in various types of pain management. Dr. Doug Beacham III is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain management, treating both acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Beacham specializes primarily in joint pain and developing personalized treatments for his patients.

Both Dr. Braly and Dr. Beacham strive to get patients active again. For many, living with chronic pain has resulted in not having much of a life at all — eliminating the ability to perform basic everyday activities that would otherwise be effortless.

Common ailments treated at The Spine Clinic are a result of a number of conditions such as a bulging disc, spinal cord injury, and nerve pressure. At The Spine Clinic, patients can expect to be administered the latest treatments and procedures in spinal medicine. They make it a priority to engage in ongoing research in order to stay abreast of the most recent developments surrounding pain management. Most patients enter The Spine Clinic as a last resort after exploring all other options. Unfortunately, a lot of the treatment they’ve previously received could have been avoided. “I believe in my heart that spine surgery for the right diagnosis and done appropriately does work, but if there is any way that we can save those patients from the trauma of surgery, or at least minimize that to get people out of the hospital faster, that’s what I am hunting,” says Dr. Braly.

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