Precure Nursery – Tips for a Green, Weed-Free Lawn


It is the time of the year where we start talking about pre-emergent. Dan Wagner from Precure Nursery and Garden Center wants you to have a green, weed-free lawn this Spring! Precure Nursery and Garden Center has plenty of options to help such as crabgrass and weed preventer. This is a chemical that after you treat your yard you will need to water it in to activate it! If you happen to miss the time for pre-emergent – don’t worry, we have you covered! Weed beater complete is both a pre and post emergent – so water, apply the chemicals, and water again!

Precure Nursery and Garden Center hopes you have a weed-free, green spring! Come in and see us at 8125 W Reno Avenue to help make your landscape dreams a reality!

This content sponsored by Precure Nursery and Garden Center.


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