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Variety Care is pleased to announce and welcome Dr. Elizabeth Foote, MD, as the newest behavioral health psychiatrist. Foote is the latest provider to join Variety Care’s newest location, the Britton Health Center. The addition of Dr. Foote helps Variety Care extend its reach into the community and extends our commitment to offering exceptional care at competitive rates.

Elizabeth Foote, M.D. is a board-certified addiction psychiatrist. She graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 2001 with a biology-chemistry degree. She then attended the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, graduating in 2005. She went on to complete a General Psychiatry Residency Program at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, graduating from that program in June 2009. She then went to the University of Colorado at Denver, completing Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program in June 2010. She is board-certified in general psychiatry and in addiction psychiatry.

“In the field of psychiatry, we treat the whole person. We cannot address the medical or phycological issues without addressing the social context as well,” Dr. Foote said. “I incorporate a phycological approach to everything I do with my patients.  I utilize both in my practice—the medical component and the phycological component.”

Dr. Foote’s clinical work focuses on individuals with addictive disorders, mental illness, those with comorbid illnesses, and psychotherapy. She utilizes a comprehensive bio-psycho-social approach to treating these illnesses. She is particularly interested in helping uninsured and underinsured patients obtain access to medical care, a passion that ultimately led her to Variety Care.

“Being here at Variety Care allows me an opportunity to provide patients enhanced services with enhanced staff support,” Dr. Foote said.

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