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  • Oklahoma residents say wild foxes are invading their neighborhood

    CRESCENT, Okla. – A Crescent resident says wild animals are actually taking over part of his neighborhood. In fact, he says foxes have made permanent homes inside vacant buildings in the area. “There’s foxes running wild around here,” said Rodney Christopher, a Crescent resident. Christopher claims there are at least 30 foxes in his neighborhood, and many human residents are concerned for their own safety. “The fear there is that they attack my kids, or attack my grand kids,” Christopher […]

  • Flooding increases risk of dangerous snake bites

    SHAWNEE, Okla.–  As Oklahomans are heading for higher ground, so are snakes! Oklahoma is home to seven venomous snakes and officials are seeing an increase in bites. It’s no surprise Oklahoma is home to all kinds of critters, but with the heavy flooding that’s hitting the state, Doctor A.C. Husen with St. Anthonys Shawnee says those critters are coming out of the woodwork. “The snakes are being forced out of their natural habitat,” Doctor Husen said. And they’re slithering right up […]

  • Little River flooding has Norman residents worried about the future

    NORMAN, Okla. —   Floodgates at Lake Thunderbird have  been released, causing a rash of problems for families living downstream. The lake is  so full of water, officials say they had no other choice. But those living near the Little River are worried about what could happen next. It was an unusually quiet Memorial Day on Lake Thunderbird, as the lake has been closed to all boaters; the flood gates are pouring out excess water. It’s something those living in the area say they’ve never seen […]

  • Opening the dam at Lake Thunderbird puts Norman residents at risk

    NORMAN, Okla. — Torrential rain put Lake Thunderbird’s levels over the top. Now, officials say they have no choice but to open the dam. However,  residents say that flood water is coming directly toward them. “We need an ark, Noah’s Ark,” said Austin Cowan, a Norman resident. Saturday night’s flooding has Cleveland County residents looking for higher ground. “I had actually drove through one deep one and then I went over the hill and there was another guy who said I couldn’t […]

  • Village residents say sign shaming is getting out of hand

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Dozens of residents in The Village have been finding signs planted in their front yards, calling them a public nuisance. They are ‘nuisance abatement pending’ signs, calling on the homeowner to mow their grass. “You can’t mow your grass in this kind of weather,” said Gene Carey, a Village resident. Carey says The Village is insisting homeowners get it done by ‘sign shaming.’ “Harassing the homeowners about their grass being four or five inches tall,” Carey said. […]

  • Village residents say yard shaming needs to stop

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Driving around The Village, you may notice signs posted in yards with the words “Nuisance Abatement Pending” on them. Residents say the tall grass is not the problem. Instead, they say the nuisance signs throughout the neighborhood make it look worse. The City of The Village code enforcement procedure states: “Common sense should be used when it comes to specialty grass, such as shade grass. It still should not exceed 7 inches. The City will work with residents […]

  • Emergency declared due to major damage on Belle Isle Bridge, repair timeline

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Transportation Commission issued an emergency declaration for the well-traveled Belle Isle Bridge on Monday. Several piers are crumbling, and others are scheduled to be repaired in the months ahead. Officials say the area sees around 100,000 cars a day along I-44, between Western and Penn. ODOT’s initial reports of I-44 westbound said that three piers have deteriorated so much that they are in need of an immediate repair. However, new reports show that an additional three […]

  • Tiny ticks packing a powerful punch in Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA CITY – All it takes is one bite from a tiny tick to become ill. Oklahoma health authorities are warning residents about Lyme disease. While the disease is not usually a problem in Oklahoma, it is becoming more prevalent in the Sooner State. Alicia Meadows, with the Oklahoma City- County Health Department, says the problems rarely start here. “Folks that have traveled in states northern in the Midwest, Missouri, maybe Kansas, Illinois, some of those areas might be somewhere you would […]

  • “It’s indescribable, it’s fear,” Tornado victim loses nearly everything

    OKLAHOMA CITY –Gene Bersey has spent his whole life helping storm victims. Now, after the May 6th tornado, he’s a victim himself, and says he has nothing left. Gene is a former resident of the Best Value Inn that was hit by the tornado. He says it’s going to be demolished with all of his valuables inside. Gene’s lucky to be alive. He survived by hiding inside the bathroom. “It’s indescribable, it’s fear,” Gene said. He says he could have never prepared himself for what he saw […]

  • A fourteen-year-old Satanist says her school is targeting her

    OKLAHOMA CITY–   A Mid-Del 8th grader was called out for wearing a skirt that school officials said was too short. Now, the girl’s own father says the school made a mistake. Teachers  at Del Crest say Valyntyne Hale got in trouble because her skirt was too short in the back, but she says that’s not true. “I looked at him and said, ‘it’s not too short’ and he said ‘well it comes up in the back.’ I know my dress, it doesn’t […]

  • Moore couple watches as storm shelter lifts out of garage during storm

    MOORE, Okla. – A Moore family found something disturbing in their garage after last week’s torrential rains. In the space where the family parks their car, they found their storm shelter. “I heard the water really gurgle really loud,” said Ronnie South. When South went inside his garage, he saw his storm shelter floating. “I said, ‘Look at this,’ and we just watched it come right up out of the ground,” South said. Storm shelter experts say if installed improperly, just a […]

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