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  • Precure Nursery – Backyard Accents

      Are you looking for that water feature or backyard accent to put in your backyard, or maybe even the front yard to help accent your landscape this summer? Please come and see us at Precure Nursery! We have one of the largest selections of fountains, waterfalls, and pumps in the Oklahoma City metro area. Many of them include simple bubble waterfalls that are all self-contained – pump, electric, everything – just plug it in! We also have gazing balls, […]

  • Precure Nursery – Summer Trees

      This summer if you are looking for a tree with some color to fit into your landscape or garden, don’t ever give up on crepe myrtles. Crepe myrtles are one of the toughest as far as a tree for color for your backyard or landscape. There are multiple sizes and colors, including different shades of pinks, reds, whites, and lavenders. Some are as low as weeper plants as well. They come in a multi-trunk form, tree-form, or patio-form that […]

  • Precure Nursery – Summer Mulch

      We are getting into the start of summer here in Oklahoma! Our plants are needing more water, we’ve had some rain and it is getting hotter outside. What we recommend – take a look at your garden! Do a little clean up and add PLENTY of mulch to help retain some water and keep moisture around your plants and shrubs these summer months. The best thing you can do is clean out everything and add 2.5 to 3 inches […]

  • Precure Nursery – Mosquito Repellent Plants and Sprays

      It is that time of year, late Spring, where we start to fight off those pesky mosquitos in our backyard! There are many natural plants that can help deter them. Some of the natural plants that we have are citronella, the most common one, mints, lavenders, marigolds, lantana as well as lemongrass which is getting more popular! You can combine all of these plants and put them in one pot to have sit out by your grill, so you […]

  • Precure Nursery – Summer Color

      Are you looking for that great color for the summer? Please come and see us! One thing that we love to try in the summertime to get that great color and attract butterflies is planting butterfly bush. Some of these newer varieties have different colors. You will see dark pinks, fuchsia pinks, purples, and blues. All kinds of things to add color and interest to your garden and bloom all summer long. Don’t give up on your perennials either. […]

  • Precure Nursery – Container Planting

      Today we are here with Maria to talk about container planting on your patio, front door, or entry-way. We suggest going to a garden center and picking out what you want to fill in your container. Get creative! We’ve used tropicals, coral bells, and color! Bring them over and put them in your container. We want to create adequate drainage for the bottom of your pot. Fill it up with soil about three-quarters full, and then start planting your […]

  • Precure Nursery – Perennials

      Today we want to help you brighten up your garden with perennials! Perennials are a plant that you can get multiple years out, rather than just annual planting, to get some beautiful color in your gardens and landscapes. Worried about the Oklahoma winter weather – don’t! Perennials can handle it –  most of them are native to Oklahoma! Yellows, pinks, reds, blues, lavenders and sages – just some of the color options available. Different types of daylilies are coming […]

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Coolsculpting

      1) Coolsculpting is EFFECTIVE Fat-freezing technology?  Exactly!  At a certain temperature fat cells will freeze and die.  Your body will then begin to naturally eliminate these dead cells in the following months.  This can result in up to 20-25% of fat reduction in the treated area! Coolsculpting is different than other procedures.  The body naturally processes and eliminates the targeted fat cells, making it impossible for them to move to another area. This allows patients to target specific trouble […]

  • Precure Nursery – Annual Gardening

      It is time to talk about annual gardening, annual color and those seasonal beds you have in your landscape. Create pockets! Create borders! Create anything you want to do. First, select either your desired sun or shaded areas and then pick your vibrant colors. Annuals are exactly that – annual! Pick plants that have runners, multiple colors, heights or ground covers! Annuals are here to help accent those greens, those grasses and those boulders! Come on in and see […]

  • Precure Nursery – Patio Herb Planting

      Precure Nursery and Garden Center is here to help you simplify your outdoor herb gardening this summer! First, you will want to take a great selection of the herbs you typically cook with. Find a planter that you’d like to plant them in and set it up on your patio. Make it fancy and change them up! It is always a good idea to label the herbs that you have put into your potter, here we are using a […]

  • Mike’s Wild Weather Flashback – June 2010 Flooding

      In June of 2010, the metro was hit by severe flooding. Many cars were inundated, and there were several high water rescues! Many folks were caught off guard by rapidly rising flood waters. Boats were brought in to pull people from rushing, turbulent water. Remember, with our severe flash flooding, streets can turn into streams. It only takes a foot or two of rushing water to take a car totally off a roadbed and into the ditch. Remember: turn […]

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