Brent Skarky is an Anchor/ Reporter at Oklahoma’s News 4

Skarky is a Oklahoman born and raised and a life long Channel 4 fan. He appeared on Danny’s Day as an infant and remembers calling into Morning contest on the Butch and Ben McCain show.
Brent was first seen in the KFOR newsroom in the summer of 1993. Fresh out of Bishop McGuinness High School, Brent interned for The Barrys before he went for his freshman year of College at the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University

Brent was a award winning Sports Anchor at stations in Flagstaff AZ and Amarillo TX before returning to OKC to cover sports in his home town from 1999-2007.

From 2007-2013 Brent hosted Oklavision, a travel show for the state of Oklahoma.

When he is not covering news, Brent likes to workout, play golf, cook and spend time with his family who all lives here in Oklahoma City.

Recent Articles
  • Bill would make it easier for Oklahomans to save for home

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomans could soon get some help as they save to buy a new home. “I think this is a huge, huge game changer,” said Senator Jason Smalley. The state senator from Stroud was referring to Senate Bill 961. It would establish a home buyer savings account so potential homeowners could save money tax free. “We need to promote home ownership and individuals that are able to actually purchase that home and settle down those roots,” Smalley said. […]

  • Educators work to help Oklahoma kids exposed to trauma

    MIDWEST CITY – While many students had Monday off – some educators used the day to learn how to help their students learn better while at school. Teachers learned how to deal with one of the biggest problems facing Oklahoma kids: trauma. “If something happens, grades go down,” said Robin Gurwitch, PhD. The nationally recognized child psychologist talked about a serious problem for Oklahoma school children. “We know that, in Oklahoma, we have more students who have had adverse childhood […]

  • Deceased mayoral candidate makes it to runoff election in Edmond

    EDMOND, Okla. –  The City of Edmond is making plans for a mayoral runoff in April, but one of the candidates is no longer living. “The is the first time we have had a candidate move forward that was no longer living,” said Casey Moore, City of Edmond. “There’s a lot of folks out there that were really strong Charles Lamb supporters and they are having a hard time giving that up,” said Mike Cunningham, an Edmond voter. Charles Lamb […]

  • “It was arson for sure,” Woman’s Oklahoma home of 25 years lost in fire

    BURNS FLAT, Okla. – A mother was in California, helping her daughter with her newborn grandchild – when she got a call that her Oklahoma home of 25 years was completely lost in a fire. “I get a phone call from the neighbors, saying, ‘Hey your house is on fire.’ I’m like ‘Really? Don’t tell me that,’” said Diana Clevinger. Diana flew back to Oklahoma and found her home of 25 years in Burns Flat in ashes. “As soon as […]

  • Newcastle family worried about oil drilling site

    UPDATE: After deciding the current ordinance leaves too much room for interpretation, the Newcastle City Council continued the decision on whether to allow drilling at the planned site. In the next couple weeks, councilmembers will meet to decide where exactly the “separation boundary” should be, whether it’s the property line, the specific building or “protected property” in question, or something else.  Then they will take up the specific sites whose fates are still in question. NEWCASTLE, Okla. – Back in […]

  • Bison take center stage in new exhibit

    OKLAHOMA CITY-  The American Bison has made a resurgence in recent years, now it is center stage with a new exhibit at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. “It’s actually called ‘Ancient, Massive, Wild’ and you have to say it like that. We are trying to bring the bison, America’s largest and greatest land animal to life here in the museum,” said Natalie Shirley, President and CEO of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. From […]

  • Man wants to turn nuisance cedar trees into electricity

    OKLAHOMA CITY – They’re the fuel that feeds so many of our state’s destructive wildfires: Red Cedar trees are no stranger to Oklahoma. No matter where you look, you’re sure to find one. However, an Oklahoma man wants to change that. “Basically they are land mines waiting to explode,” said Steve Farris. The OSU forestry grad says not only are red cedars responsible for the severity of the western wildfires last spring, but the invasive species originally planted by the […]

  • Oklahoma Republican Legislators push for mandatory 5-day school week

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Some Oklahoma lawmakers want to ensure public school students attend school five days a week. Due to years of dwindling school budgets, some Oklahoma school districts said they survived by going to four-day school weeks. Some of the districts said the silver-lining was their ability to recruit and retain teachers with the shorter workweek. “We believe the five-day school week is extremely important if you put the focus on the student,” said Senator Greg Treat. Oklahoma Republican […]

  • “That is what community is about,” Supporters rally in Guthrie for fatal fire victims

    GUTHRIE, Okla.-  It has been a week since a deadly apartment fire in Oklahoma City took the lives of an adult and three children, all of whom belonged to the same family. On Sunday, the victims’ extended family and friends rallied in Guthrie to raise money for those left behind, and let loved ones know they are not alone as they rebuild their lives. “Thank God the weather is perfect today,” said Marsha Reece, a family friend. Friends of the […]

  • Scammers use 5 federal agencies in attempt to get money and information

    HOLDENVILLE, Okla. –  One woman says scam phone calls are becoming more and more frequent, and more bold. A woman in Holdenville says she was almost scammed by a group saying they were with 5 different federal agencies in an attempt to get thousands of dollars and valuable personal information from the small businesswoman. “I’ve been getting numerous calls,” said Kelly Huff. Most of those calls had the Social Security Office number and left messages like this one” “Return the call […]

  • Metro dispatchers’ conduct questioned after fatal apartment fire

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  There are questions about the Oklahoma City’s 911 dispatch system, and how emergency callers are treated after Sunday’s deadly fire. The apartment fire claimed the lives of a woman and three children. Frantic calls were placed to 911, and now, some are questioning the way those calls were handled. “It’s not uncommon at all to receive a lot of 911 calls,”  said OKC Fire Department Public Information Officer Benny Fulkerson. OKC Fire officials say they got over […]

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