Rain chances possible this week

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  • Oklahoma father upset about re-sentencing for daughter’s killer

    CUSTER COUNTY, Okla. — A man who was convicted of killing a Weatherford teen nearly six years ago has received a new sentence Monday. In 2015, a jury found Tucker McGee guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 16-year-old JaRay Wilson in October 2012. McGee was initially sentenced to life without parole. On Monday, he was re-sentenced in Custer County Court to a sentence of life in prison. Prosecutors said McGee shot JaRay in the head along a rural county road […]

  • Firefighters knock down blaze in Bethany

    BETHANY, Okla. – High wind, high temperatures and high humidity made for tough conditions to battle a blaze in Bethany. Firefighters responded Sunday afternoon to a home at 34th and Peniel after getting a call from the homeowner. “Noticed sparking on a window unit at the back of the house created some smoke,” said Bethany Fire Chief Shaum Jennings. “By the time we got here, there was fire. It had gotten into the attic.” Neighbors said the smoke was visible for […]

  • Metro police looking for colorfully-dressed crook

    EDMOND, Okla. – Both Edmond and Village police are looking for a man who usually wears bright clothes and drives a flashy car who has been stealing from teachers. Village police said they are looking for the suspect: “an approximately 30-year-old black male, 5’3 and wearing a bright-colored shirt.” He allegedly walked into the athletic center at Casady School about 7 p.m. while a school athletic event was taking place. “He was seen walking in without a backpack, was in […]

  • Parents say metro splash pad is dirty, dangerous

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “It gets really trashy down here,” said Jamie Douglas. Douglas was talking about the splash pad in her neighborhood at N.W. 12th and May in Oklahoma City. On a rocket hot day, kids can be seen loving the water – but the parents hating the trash, bottles, cups, plastic bags. “Dirty diapers are definitely top of the list and not just pee diapers, number 2 diapers,” Douglas said. “But, clothes, people leaving shoes, socks, full on pants, shirts. […]

  • “I just want my kids to be safe,” Blackwell residents scared to drink water

    BLACKWELL, Okla. – Grabbing a glass of water from the sink is something most of us take for granted, but Blackwell residents say doing it could put your life at risk. “I just want my kids to be safe,” said Shantel Emerine. Emerine says her two girls are at risk because the water in Blackwell often comes out of the faucet looking orange or yellow. This week, the city issued a letter to residents recognizing  Blackwell water exceeds DEQ limits […]

  • Dog bit by venomous snake in metro backyard

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A dog owner in The Village said her Great Dane was bitten on the paw by a venomous snake while playing in her backyard. Monika Anderson said her 7-year-old Great Dane was playing in the backyard six weeks ago. She went inside and noticed blood on the floor. Anderson took her to the vet to be treated but, the next day, she felt the injured paw. “I checked it, the temperature of it was warm and, when […]

  • Children’s luggage stolen as church headed to camp

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A man has been caught on camera stealing luggage from children as they prepared to head to church camp. Friday, elementary school kids were gathering at the South Lindsay Baptist Church. “I don’t have any words for that,” said Carla Brassfield. Brassfield was left speechless watching the surveillance video. Her son’s luggage was being taken by a man in a white car as it was about to be loaded on the bus for church camp. “They started […]

  • N.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood hit hard by lightning, flooding

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “It was biblical and water poured in all over the house, all around the house,” said Rick Lippert of his home in Quail Creek. Strong rains and lightning strikes caused damage for homeowners in the N.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood. “Well, according to the rain gauge, we got about seven inches of rain in about an hour and a half, two hours. We have a creek next to our house that is listed on the map as Dry […]

  • Couple’s prized possessions stolen in trailer heist

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A couple who was moving their prized possessions across the country is devastated after their U-Haul trailer was stolen from their hotel in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning. “Everything, it’s just all gone, and it was just so fast and random and couldn’t believe it,” said Susan Poloncak. “I didn’t even think trailer theft was a thing,” said Jeff Poloncak. The Poloncaks were in the process of moving from Wisconsin to Arizona. Some of their most prized […]

  • Debate continues over measure that would legalize medical marijuana 

    EDMOND, Okla. – Several people spoke out at a town-hall style debate in Edmond Tuesday night over State Question 788. Supporters and those who oppose the state question, which would legalize medical marijuana for some patients, voiced their opinions. “I am here to speak for those who have been negatively affected by marijuana,” said August Rivera, who voted no on SQ 788. With signs around town and in front yards, the vote is set for June 26. Supporters say it […]

  • 2 in custody after high-speed chase through the metro ends at Oklahoma City mall

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Two people are in custody following a high-speed chase throughout the metro area. Officials said it all started around 2:40 p.m. on Monday when an officer spotted a stolen vehicle near S. Bypass Terrace and S.W. 59th St. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the dark blue Dodge Charger sped away, leading police on a pursuit. After about 15 minutes, the officers terminated the ground pursuit but kept Air One over the vehicle. Investigators said […]