Cassandra joined the News 4 team in June 2017. She’s a Los Angeles native eager to keep the people of Oklahoma safe and informed.

Prior to joining News 4, she worked as a multimedia journalist for the NBC affiliate WCYB that sat right on the border Northeast Tennessee – Southwest Virginia. There Cassandra reported on everything from the deadly opioid crisis, the declining coal mining industry, and struggles and victories inside that corner of Appalachia. Stories she covered range from the controversial bathroom bill, the devastating aftermath of a snowstorm in the winter of 2014, and was there on scene when three young girls fell from the top of a ferris wheel, barely surviving.

Cassandra earned her Bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine, then her Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at Syracuse University. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, jamming in high-intensity spin classes, spending hours with a good book, and exploring the corners of Oklahoma.

If you would like to share story ideas with Cassandra, you can reach her via email at

Recent Articles
  • OKCPS Board member granted restraining order regarding possible disciplinary action for tweets

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Even though summer is underway, things are heating up at Oklahoma City Public Schools recently resulting in a temporary restraining order filed by a board member against three school system officials. On Monday morning, board member and attorney Charles Henry filed an application for the temporary restraining order to prevent an agenda item on Monday night’s board meeting from happening, that item to discuss in executive session a possible disciplinary against him. The petition was specifically filed […]

  • Plans to rebuild historic Guthrie buildings underway with 30-day deadline

    GUTHRIE, Okla. – Anyone who wants to rebuild the two 126-year-old downtown buildings destroyed in a fire in February has 30 days to come up with a plan, according to the City of Guthrie city council. As the buildings’ owner, Byron Berline, works to restock the shop he’s opening across the street, the two that burned in a massive fire are still gated and crumbling. City manager Leroy Alsup said city leaders haven’t seen any effort to rebuild them. “We’re […]

  • Bethany man accused of shooting at and threatening neighbor

    BETHANY, Okla. – A man is on the run after he allegedly shot at and threatened his neighbor. The victim says the threats came out of nowhere, possibly from a perceived slight from weeks ago. It happened Monday evening when the victim, who wanted to remain anonymous for this story, discovered an ominous note posted on his front door. According to court documents, it said, “If we are enemies, you need to let me know so I can act accordingly.” […]

  • Teen says she was kidnapped and carjacked at Logan Co. convenience store

    LOGAN CO., Okla. – Deputies are looking for clues after a teen says she was kidnapped and carjacked at a Logan County convenience store Tuesday evening. Jaden, 19, said she was just out running errands in her mother’s newly-purchased black 2009 Jetta when she stopped at a convenience store at the corner of Seward and Sooner. She said as she walked in, she saw a couple of guys who were trying to talk to her but she ignored them. Then […]

  • Harrah couple argues worth of land taken for the Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike in court

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The first argument between the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and a landowner whose property it took to build the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike on went to trial over the value of the property Tuesday. The EOC will connect I-40 to the Turner Turnpike, carving a path through a number of private homes. The OTA has the authority to take ownership of any property it needs as long as it’s for the good of the community but the former […]

  • “Water worshiper” accused of purposely leaving the water on around Warr Acres

    WARR ACRES, Okla. – A man is accused of entering a couple’s home and leaving their water running, and the homeowners say they learned he’s allegedly done similar things for more than a decade. Mario Williams said he was at work Friday morning when his surveillance camera alerted him there was a stranger at his front door. At the same time, his wife called hysterical, saying the man turned on their hose out front, then entered the garage. “So while […]

  • Surveillance video shows wheelchair stolen from metro shooting victim

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A 20-year-old recovering from getting shot twice in his own home now hit with another blow after someone stole his wheelchair off his front porch. Back in January, Brett Duncan walked out of his room to a burglar who then shot him twice, once in the neck and once in the back. He spent nearly three months in the hospital and has had more than a dozen surgeries with more on the way. The damage done will […]

  • Alleged serial burglar may have fled state after accused in Bethany

    BETHANY, Okla. – A man is on the run after police said they’ve connected him to a string of burglaries around Bethany and Oklahoma City. A warrant has been issued for 21-year-old Nicco Kirk, accused of first-degree burglary, two counts of burglary in the second degree, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and concealing stolen property greater than $2,500. Last week, police said Kirk was caught on camera smashing through the glass door of a Bethany home, rifling through their […]

  • Woman who crashed into Edmond Ziggyz arrested for driving under influence of drugs

    EDMOND, Okla. –  A woman was arrested after she was caught on camera driving her car through a medical marijuana dispensary. Leslie Peake, 57, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. It happened shortly before 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Ziggyz near 15th and Broadway. Store manager Chase Uhl was in the back watching the surveillance video as the car slowly crashed through the front glass doors and continued at the slow speed until it smashed into the […]

  • OKC workers’ fake weather forecast goes viral during torrential rain

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation workers posted a tongue-in-cheek weather report on Facebook that went viral over the weekend, but the fact that it was shot in their uniforms has city officials taking a second look. Greg Howell and his coworkers shot it Thursday when he said they were caught in the torrential downpour over their lunch break. “Just clowning around,” Howell said, “and the camaraderie we have? That`s authentic. Just how we mesh like that? That`s […]

  • Couple claims they legally work for dispensary after arrested by Logan County deputies with 21lbs of pot

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – Two people are furious after they were arrested for transporting what they said is legal marijuana, but deputies insist what they were doing was illegal. On Tuesday, Daniel Arthur and Rebecca Hammer were traveling down I-35 when deputies pulled them over for failing to stay inside the lane. When they approached the car, deputies said they could smell marijuana, so they questioned the two about it. Arthur and Hammer told them they were legally transporting marijuana […]

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