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    Girl charged with manslaughter for encouraging friend to commit suicide

    (CNN) — A Massachusetts teenager faces a pretrial hearing in April on involuntary manslaughter charges for allegedly sending text messages urging a friend to commit suicide, even after he expressed second thoughts, authorities said Saturday. Michelle Carter, 18, was indicted February 5. Conrad Roy, 18, of Fairhaven and Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, was found dead in his car of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning July 13, Sgt. Kevin Kobza, public information officer for the Fairhaven Police Department, said Saturday. At one point the […]

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    Samsung unveils beautiful new Galaxy S6

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Samsung set out to build a better looking line of Galaxy phones this year, and it definitely achieved its goal. The Samsung #GalaxyS6 has arrived. — SamsungMobile (@SamsungMobile) March 1, 2015 The South Korean electronics company unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on Sunday afternoon at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. The new Galaxy S6 phones are impressive and fairly sleek. Design: The front and back body of the phones are molded […]

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    William Shatner defends decision not to attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral

    (CNN) — William Shatner is defending himself on Twitter as his decision to skip Leonard Nimoy’s funeral Sunday became front-page tabloid fodder. Nimoy died Friday at 83. He was best known for his portrayal of “Star Trek’s” logic-driven, half-human science officer Spock, an ally and foil to Shatner’s earnest Captain Kirk. Shatner explained in a series of tweets Saturday that he was in Florida for a Red Cross Ball and could not make it to Los Angeles in time for […]

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    14-year-old girl killed after fight on Facebook

    (CNN) — The fatal feud started with a squabble on Facebook, devolved into a planned brawl at a park, and ended with a 14-year-old girl dead. Police in Alabama say a group of girls who quarreled on Facebook decided to take their grievances to a Birmingham park, where their fight was going to be videotaped and then posted online, CNN affiliate WBRC reported. After the melee ensued, two teenage males pulled out guns and started shooting at the girls, CNN […]

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    When you feed a pig a cookie….

    *Warning: Video contains some explicit language* BRADFORD, Maine – When snow in Maine disconnected his electric fence, Buster the pig busted out. Instead of causing a ruckus, neighbors lured the hungry swine home with a few sweet treats. “Want a cookie? There you go, good job. He loves cookies, ” said Jamie Smith. Smith met Buster while he was driving in Bradford last weekend. “From a distance, it just looks like a large animal that I didn’t recognize. I thought […]

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    “They were meant to go together,” Family remembers couple’s fairy tale love story

    FRESNO, Calif. – The love story of a California couple is being remembered as a real-life version of “The Notebook.” Married for 67 years, the devoted couple died within hours of each other this month. In the early 1940s, Floyd Hartwig was a World War II sailor fighting in the Pacific. For six years, he and his sweetheart, Violet, kept in touch by mail. “There are 130 letters. The first one was in 1946 when they started writing,” said Donna […]

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    JonBenet Ramsey case: 9 things ex-police chief just revealed about the investigation

    (HLN) — It’s easy to feel a little sad for Mark Beckner, the former Boulder, Colorado, police chief and Reddit newbie who did an Ask Me Anything segment this weekend, unaware that his answers were accessible to the entire world. Beckner was the police chief during the JonBenet Ramsey case.  The 6-year-old beauty queen was found murdered in the basement of her home in 1996. The case, full of lurid twists and turns, gripped the nation and made her parents, […]

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    “It’s our fault,” Parents angry about 6-year-old’s punishment for being late

    REDWOOD, Ore. – Parents of a 6-year-old Oregon boy are upset about the way his school handled tardiness. “The other morning, he was just flipping out, crying, ‘I’m gonna be tardy. I’m going to get lunch detention.’ Just tears and, ‘Mom, we gotta hurry up,” said Nicole Garloff, Hunter’s mother. The 6-year-old’s fears come from Lincoln Elementary School’s lunch detention. “He gets his detention for every tardy for the rest of the semester,” Garloff said. The first-grader has often been […]

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    KFC tests edible coffee cups

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — KFC is planning to brew up something quirky for its customers in the United Kingdom — a 100% edible chocolate coffee cup. The cups are part of a marketing gimmick to mark the launch of Seattle Best Coffee (a Starbucks brand) at KFC restaurants in the U.K. “We thought about how we can make this moment even more special,” said KFC spokeswoman Jenny Packwood. According to the fast food restaurant, the shell of the cup is […]

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    FCC adopts historic Internet rules

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The FCC has passed a historic measure to more strictly regulate the Internet. The new rules, known as “net neutrality,” act to provide equal opportunity for Internet speeds and access to websites. The central question was whether network owners — like Comcast or Time Warner Cable — can discriminate what runs on their cables. The FCC’s answer on Friday was: No. The Democratic-led commission approved 3-to-2, split along party lines, to assert extra government authority over […]

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    Mother charged after allegedly pulling gun during daughter’s fight

    HOUSTON, Texas – A Texas mother is in trouble with the law after police say she got involved in a fight between her daughter and another girl. Several teenagers captured cell phone video of the fight between two 14-year-old girls. Eventually, police officers were able to break up the fight before anyone was seriously injured. However, one of the girls’ mothers was arrested hours later after a photo surfaced from the fight. Viridiana Alvarez appeared to be pointing a gun […]