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  • The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors is shot and killed during a robbery

    A shooting in February scarred Elama Ali. Another this month took her father’s life. When an armed teen burst into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, moving through the school and mowing down students and teachers, Elama took cover. Seventeen people were killed, but she — and her brother — survived the Valentine’s Day massacre in Parkland, Florida. Like many survivors, she resolved to do something about it. This week, the violence that turned Elama and her friends into activists for gun […]

  • 17 killed – including nine members of one family – in Missouri duck boat sinking

    Warning: Some may find this video to be disturbing.  An amphibious tour boat carrying 31 people sank in a furious squall on a southwestern Missouri lake Thursday evening, leaving 17 people dead, including children, authorities said. Nine of 11 members of one family on board died, Gov. Mike Parson said Friday. The Ride the Ducks Branson duck boat went down in Table Rock Lake near Branson during strong winds that “came out of nowhere,” said Jim Pattison Jr., president of […]

  • Experimental treatment uses modified stem cells to fight cancer

    A clinical trial run by UCLA is testing a potentially pioneering form of immunotherapy that could turn a patient’s own body into a powerful weapon against cancer. Researchers at the university’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center are reinforcing the immune system’s foundation by genetically modifying bone marrow stem cells, the cellular factories that power immune responses. By arming those cells with receptors that recognize cancer, researchers hope a patient’s body will cure itself from the inside out. Dr. Antoni Ribas, who […]

  • Officials: Death toll stands at 17 after all victims recovered from capsized duck boat in Missouri

    Officials say the death toll now stands at 17 after a duck boat capsized and sank during a severe thunderstorm in Missouri. Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said 31 people were aboard the boat during Thursday night’s incident on Table Rock Lake near Branson. By late Friday morning, authorities said that all of the missing victims had been recovered, bringing the death toll to 17. Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jason Pace says those who died ranged in age from […]

  • Ancient sarcophagus yields horrible-smelling secret

    Egyptian archaeologists have unsealed and opened a mysterious granite sarcophagus discovered on a construction site in Alexandria — only to find the remains of three mummies in a pool of leaked sewage water. Photos released Thursday evening by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities show a team of archaeologists climbing down the 16-foot-deep (5 meter) pit and wedging the black sarcophagus open with a wooden plank. The experts had to wear masks over their mouths and noses to block the reportedly foul smell. An […]

  • Video shows the last moments before duck boat sinks in Missouri lake

    WARNING: Some may find the above video disturbing. BRANSON, Missouri – When choppy waves began crashing against two duck boats in a lake in Missouri, Jennie Phillips-Hudson Carr started recording. “We are at Branson and on the showboat! A storm came in as we got on and there was 2 ducks that you ride out there and 1 went under,” she posted Thursday night on Facebook along with video of the boats bobbing up and down. “Not sure if everyone on it […]

  • Baby found dead after mom went to work, left him alone for 8 hours: police

    PHOENIX, Ariz. — Phoenix police have arrested a mother for child abuse after her 1-year-old boy was found dead in their apartment. On Tuesday, July 17, at around 4 p.m., police were called to the apartment near 19th Avenue and Hatcher Road. The mother, Donielle Joyce King, 32, was at home, and the baby was unresponsive on the bed. The child was declared dead at the scene. According to court paperwork, King “admitted she left her son home when she […]

  • Newly discovered armored dinosaur lived on a lost continent

    The fossil of a previously unknown 76 million-year-old armored dinosaur that once roamed the lost continent of Laramidia is finally going on display after being found in the scenic Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah in 2008. The ankylosaurid fossil, known as Akainacephalus johnsoni, is now on exhibit in the National History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City. The genus name essentially means “spike head,” but the species name is in honor of museum volunteer Randy Johnson, a […]

  • Papa John’s founder says it was a ‘mistake’ to resign

    Papa John’s founder John Schnatter said it was a “mistake” for him to resign. In letter to the pizza chain’s board obtained by CNNMoney, Schnatter accused the board of not “doing any investigation” and said its decision to remove him as chairman was based on “rumor and innuendo.” Last week, the Papa John’s founder resigned after he admitted to using the N-word on a conference call with marketing agency Laundry Service. In his letter, he said Laundry Service wanted to hire rapper Kanye […]

  • Former NASA engineer creates what may be world’s largest water gun

    What do you do when you’re done building the world’s largest Nerf Gun? If you’re Mark Rober, you set your sights on the mother of all water guns. Rober is a former NASA engineer who clearly likes to think big. Not content to rest on his laurels when Guinness World Records recognized him as the creator of the biggest Nerf Gun on earth, he set his sights on a Super Soaker. And, the thing is a beast. It shoots water […]

  • Passengers overhear teacher talking about how her students need school supplies, open up their wallets

    Chicago teacher Kimber Bermudez was on a flight to Florida to visit her parents when a friendly passenger asked her what she does for a living. She told him she was a teacher and how much she loved her job teaching her first graders at Carlos Fuentes Charter School. Almost half of the students at her school have limited English skills and 87 percent are classified as low income. But, she told the man, about the close-knit community at the charter […]