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  • levitating-cars

    Viral video shows cars ‘levitating’ at intersection in China — here’s what happened

    Video that emerged out of China last week appearing to show cars mysteriously being lifted up by an unseen force prompted speculation on the Internet. Camera surveillance footage showed three cars at a busy intersection in Xingtai, Hebei lifting up in the air for a few seconds, bouncing like ragdolls and then falling back to the ground, one car landing on its side. Surprised bystanders begin running away. Thousands shared the video of the seemingly gravity-defying accident. But the answer, […]

  • Reeses

    Reese’s tries to make tree-shaped peanut butter cups

    Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the classics. The makers of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have no trouble persuading people to stuff their faces with chocolate-covered treats in circular form or as pieces. Why bother, then, shaping those delicious morsels into Christmas trees at the risk of failing? Maybe time will show it to be a shrewd marketing move. In the meantime, the confectioner’s alleged Peanut Butter Trees are drawing comparisons to “turds,” turning them into a subject of social […]

  • Chrissy

    8-year-old girl battling rare breast cancer

    At just 8 years old, Chrissy Turner is battling a rare form of childhood breast cancer. A few weeks ago, the little girl who loves Legos and dragons approached her mother and asked, “Mommy, what is this?” Her mother, Annette, felt a lump in Chrissy’s right breast and called the doctor the next morning, according to a Facebook page set up by the Centerville, Utah, family. She was diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma. The medical journal Pediatric Surgery International reports […]

  • Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

    Lindsey Vonn: “I still love Tiger Woods”

    American skiing’s golden girl was once part of a sport’s ultimate power couple, and Lindsey Vonn looks back warmly on her relationship with golf superstar Tiger Woods. “I loved him, and I still love him,” Vonn told CNN’s Alpine Edge show. When their relationship ended in May, Vonn blamed the split on the “incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart.” “I had an amazing three years with him,” the 31-year-old skier said. “Sometimes, […]

  • Colorado Springs map

    Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: 3 dead, suspect captured

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Three people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in a nearly six-hour standoff Friday. Police captured the suspected gunman, but they’re still working to pinpoint his motive and make sure he didn’t leave any explosives in or outside the building. Bomb technicians are investigating what’s believed to be the suspect’s vehicle in a parking lot, a law enforcement official said. It was not immediately clear why Planned Parenthood was the […]

  • 150917214230-02-white-rhino-nola-exlarge-tease

    White rhinos closer to extinction after ‘Nola’ dies at San Diego Zoo

    The world’s northern white rhinoceros population plunged by a quarter on Sunday with a death at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Nola, a 41-year-old northern white rhino, died after being treated for a bacterial infection and age-related health issues, the zoo said. The rhino’s condition had worsened significantly in the last 24 hours, and zoo veterinarians made the decision to euthanize her. Forty-one years is at the upper end of a white rhino’s life expectancy. Nola was one of […]

  • 151127063817-black-friday-shoppers-alesci-dnt-newday-00004827-exlarge-tease

    Video shows fist fights over Black Friday deals

    Black Friday can be hectic for retailers, but it can also be dangerous for some shoppers. An early report by sales tracker Adobe estimated that more than $1 billion was spent online on Thursday. Another firm, ChannelAdvisor, said sales at Amazon were up 30% from a year ago as of midday on Thanksgiving. But plenty of brick-and-mortar stores opened on Thanksgiving Day: Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys ‘R’ Us, Macy’s, Kohl’s, RadioShack and Kmart, among them. Recently, Estately created a […]

  • FILE- Casey Kasem, who entertained radio listeners for almost four decades as the host of countdown shows such as "American Top 40" and "Casey's Top 40," died early Sunday, June 15, 2014 according to a Facebook post from his daughter Kerri Kasem.

    Casey Kasem’s children file wrongful death lawsuit against his widow

    Three children of radio host Casey Kasem filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his widow, accusing her of elder abuse and emotional neglect. “Casey’s early death occurred as a direct and proximate result of Jean’s neglect and physical abuse of Casey,” the suit filed this week said. The radio host’s brother, Mouner Kasem, is also part of the lawsuit by Kerri, Julie and Michael Kasem that seeks $250,000 for pain and suffering. It also seeks general damages to be decided […]

  • Donald Trump appears on stage at the CNN Republican Presidential Debate in Simi Valley, California on September 16, 2015.

    Donald Trump denies mocking New York Times reporter with physical disability

    NEW YORK – The New York Times is furious that presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeared to mock one of its reporters who has a physical disability. However, Trump says that was not the case at all. On Tuesday night, Trump waved his arms in an awkward manner while talking about a comment made by Serge Kovaleski. “The poor guy, you gotta see this guy, ‘Uh, I don’t know what I said. Uh, I don’t remember,” Trump said at a rally […]

  • One of the world's most volatile regions was roiled further Tuesday, November  when Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey said it hit the plane after it repeatedly violated Turkey's airspace and ignored 10 warnings.

    Turkey won’t apologize for downing Russian warplane, Erdogan says

    Turkey will not apologize for downing a Russian fighter jet it says violated Turkish airspace near the Syrian border, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an exclusive CNN interview Thursday in Ankara. “I think if there is a party that needs to apologize, it is not us,” he said from the Turkish capital. “Those who violated our airspace are the ones who need to apologize. Our pilots and our armed forces, they simply fulfilled their duties, which consisted of […]

  • Capture

    ‘Shoot us or help us’: 3 stories from refugee crisis you need to read

    “Shoot us or help us.” Hundreds of migrants stuck in no man’s land at the Greek-Macedonian border stand next to heartbreaking words scrawled on a piece of cardboard. On Turkey’s border with Syria, a man fleeing unbearable violence in his homeland is allegedly beaten by a guard and forced back into a war zone. In Sweden, the deputy prime minister struggles to contain her tears: Her country can no longer cope with the influx of people and is closing its […]