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    ‘This is the face that I grew up with': Woman sees dead brother’s face on another man after transplant

    (CNN) — When Richard Norris from Virginia received a face transplant three years ago, it transformed his life. Now the sister of the man whose death made that possible has come face-to-face with Norris for the first time. In an emotional encounter filmed for “60 Minutes Australia,” Rebekah Aversano asks Norris if he would mind if she touched his new face. “No, not at all,” he replies, according to a trailer for the program, to be aired Sunday. As she […]

  • A regular patron at the Washington, D.C., restaurant Blue 44 left a $2,000 tip on a $93.23 tab on Monday night. 
Credit:	From Blue 44

    Customer loved the gumbo so much he left a 2,145% tip

    WASHINGTON — The gumbo at Blue 44 must be pretty good. Like $2,000 good. A regular patron at the Washington, D.C., restaurant left a $2,000 tip on a $93.23 tab on Monday night. “I looked and adjusted my glasses; that’s a lot of zeroes,” said owner Christofer Nardelli, on his reaction when first seeing the receipt. Nardelli said he and Blue 44 Chef James Turner e-mail with the patron periodically. “My chef keeps him updated on when we are going […]

  • natalee

    Natalee Holloway’s father reveals details shared by new ‘witness’

    MERIDIAN, Miss. — It’s been 10 years since Natalee Holloway vanished while on a high school graduation trip to Aruba, and after a decade of false hopes and dead ends, her father has never stopped looking for her. Holloway was last seen leaving a nightclub with three men — two brothers and Joran van der Sloot, then 17. At first, they told police they dropped Holloway off at her hotel. Then, the brothers said they took Holloway and van der […]

  • Federal officials indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for lying to the FBI and evading taxes as he sought to pay off the subject to "cover up past misconduct."

    Former U.S. Speaker of the House indicted on charges of lying to the FBI

    ILLINOIS- Federal officials have indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for lying to the FBI about $3.5 million he agreed to pay to an undisclosed subject to “cover up past misconduct.” The indictment was unsealed in the District Court of Northern Illinois on Thursday. The Justice Department alleges that Hastert made large withdrawals after he made the agreement. The indictment does not explain precisely what the “past misconduct” is, but instead details at length various withdrawals and financial transactions he […]

  • Former Chicago police officers Jerome Finnigan, left, and Timothy McDermott, right pose over a black man who's in antlers.

    In old photo, ex-Chicago cops with rifles pose over black man wearing antlers

    It’s a racially charged photograph. In it, two former Chicago cops, both of them white, pose as if on a hunting trip. They’re down on one knee holding rifles. A black man is lying on the floor between them with antlers on his head. The message is clear: The officers are the hunters. The man is their prey. Cook County Judge Thomas Allen released the Polaroid this week over the objections of the Chicago Police Department and Tim McDermott, one […]

  • A jury has sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death on some counts.

    Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence to be official in June

    Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence is expected to be made official next month. Formal sentencing for Tsarnaev has been set for June 24 in Boston’s Joseph Moakley Courthouse. A federal jury sentenced Tsarnaev, 21, to death this month for his role in the April 2013 bombings, in which three people were killed and at least 264 were injured when two pressure-cooker bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line. The jury’s decision is legally binding, but it officially […]

  • The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will be closed to visitors until at least June 4, 2015 after a dock to the memorial that sits atop the sunken battleship was damaged in an accident Wednesday, the National Park Service says.

    Pearl Harbor memorial closed after accident

    HAWAII — The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will be closed to visitors until at least June 4 after a dock to the memorial that sits atop the sunken battleship was damaged in an accident Wednesday, the National Park Service says. The damage occurred when tugboats were “assisting” the USNS Mercy, an 894-foot-long, 69,000-ton hospital ship, inside the harbor, the U.S. Navy Region Hawaii said in a statement on its Facebook page. “Initial visual assessments show that the […]

  • Capture

    Kidnapped north Texas girl reunited with family

    BENBROOK, TX (KDAF) — The sign said it all, “Welcome home Caitlyn.” It’s how every parent wants an Amber Alert to end. Early Wednesday morning, nine-year-old Caitlyn Williams was reunited with her family. “I’m very happy she’s home,” her aunt Yolanda Coward said. “My little boy in there, he’s very happy. He was singing, ‘my cousin’s coming home!'” The four-day search for the third-grader ended Tuesday at a Days Inn in Bossier City, Louisiana. That’s where her uncle, 24-year-old Jessie […]

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    ‘Abused Emojis’ created to help kids talk about abuse

    NEW YORK — Abused Emojis is a new iOS app and keyboard that aims to help kids and teens communicate difficult situations through images. The idea was developed by Bris, a Swedish non-profit which manages a helpline for children and teenagers. The organization says the app is intended to reflect and extend the kind of work Bris does. “Every day we have contact with hundreds of kids through phone, chat and mail conversation,” Bris explains on its site. “Many of […]

  • Al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces on the ground in Iraq.

    Iraqi forces, ISIS militants clash in Anbar operation

    BAGHDAD, Iraq– ISIS militants killed 30 Iraqi soldiers in a suicide bomb attack in Iraq’s key Anbar province, security officials told CNN on Wednesday, a day after the launch of a major operation to liberate Anbar and Salaheddin provinces from ISIS. The deaths occurred when three ISIS attackers targeted a forward combat outpost in al-Mazra, between Karma and Falluja, said an Iraqi police officer and a security source near the scene. The Iraqi military operation against ISIS was announced Tuesday, […]

  • Mexico and Guatemala highlighted

    Video of mob burning teen alive in Guatemala spurs outrage

    A large crowd stands by as a teenage girl — beaten and bloodied — writhes on the ground, her body engulfed in flames. “Add gasoline,” someone shouts. The shocking scene from a Guatemalan village went viral online and has spurred a debate over what some describe as vigilante justice in the Central American country. Citing witnesses in the village of Rio Bravo, local media reported that the girl was beaten and burned to death for her alleged involvement in the […]