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  • Pay It 4Ward: Saving a Man’s Life Right Before Christmas

    This week’s recipient of the Spirit Bank Pay It 4Ward $400 award is Kenny Towell. Kenny selflessly helped another man from suffering a potentially fatal heart attack while he was behind the wheel – when nobody else would. Congratulations Kenny! Well deserved. To nominate someone for the Spirit Bank Pay It 4Ward award, see this link.

  • Pay It 4Ward: Glenna Warner’s volunteer giving through thick and thin

    We visit Bryant Avenue Baptist Church to look inside the life of a incredibly giving volunteer ¬†Glenna Warner – someone who didn’t even let a bout with lung cancer stop her from always putting others first. Join KFOR-TV and Spirit Bank as Glenna receives this week’s Pay It 4Ward presentation!

  • Pay It 4Ward honors Greg Jackson

    Spirit Bank and KFOR-TV’s Pay It 4Ward programs pays tribute to Greg Jackson, the principal at Blanchard High School. Greg’s generosity and uplifting attitude has helped Lindsey, a student suffering from a rare form of cancer. Greg has gone above and beyond helping Lindsey and her family through hard times. Wow.

  • Pay It 4Ward – 13 year-old Prague resident helps those less fortunate

    PRAGUE — Terron Bailey started when he was seven years old. Since then, this 13 year-old has arranged for and taken kids at the Hope House in Shawnee to field trips, donated more time and money than people twice his age and is just an amazing kid. Don’t miss this very special Pay It 4Ward. Congrats Mr. Bailey!

  • Pay It 4Ward recipient Keri Johnson: loss turned into a gift

    Keri Johnson’s ultimate gift – the organs of her son who was accidentally killed in a car rollover accident in February. What started out as tragedy has ended in the gift of life for a little girl in Tennessee. A very special Pay It 4Ward from a very special family to another. Brought to you by KFOR-TV and Spirit Bank.

  • Pay It 4Ward – Angela Debois turns her home into a food pantry for teens in need

    Angie Debois and her husband Bill have transformed their Mustang home into a hospitality haven – a food pantry to meet the needs of children and teenagers in their community who have fallen through the cracks and need a helping hand. What a special couple who help those less fortunate by opening their own home to help transform the lives of those in need. The Debois couple have been doing this for over two years!

  • Pay It 4Ward recognizes artist Joe McNutt

    Joe McNutt was a heart transplant recipient 18 years ago. Having never forgotten his gift of life, Joe has taken advantage of every day in the last 18 years to compose incredible lead-based drawings of of LifeShare organ donors here in Oklahoma City. Joe’s compassion to help others remember loved ones with detailed realism is unforgettable. KFOR-TV, Spirit Bank and LifeShare CEO Jeff Orlowski present Mr. McNutt with this week’s Pay It 4Ward award.

  • Pay It 4Ward – Love Thy Neighbor

    Pay It 4Ward recognizes Trish Troxley. Trish finds time for her 87 year-old neighbor, a WWII veteran from the U.S. Navy whose wife of 60 years passed away recently. Trish steps in and takes care of her neighbor, Mr. Carter, when he needs it. What a special lady – and a special war hero. Thanks Albert for the nomination!

  • Pay It 4Ward: Troop leader perseveres pain for others

    This week’s Pay It 4Ward recipient is Monica Lewis. Monica is a Girl Scout leader who endures the pain of Fibormyalgia while still teaching life lessons to young ladies and being a great mentor to all of them. What an inspiring story. Monica is a true treasure to all who know her. Pay It 4Ward is a program through which KFOR-TV viewers can help someone they know who could use extra cash immediately. Each week someone will receive $400 cash […]

  • Pay It 4Ward recognizes Officer Michael Oliver

    This week’s recipient of the Spirit Bank Pay It 4Ward segment is Luther Police Officer Michael Oliver. After a 15 year-old overdosed on a synthetic drug called K2, Officer Oliver stayed by his side and helped any way he could to ensure the family of a young man would find some level of comfort in a tragedy. The young man, Danny, is now recovering at a treatment center.

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